5G – Explained, Supported Mobile Phones

2G-3G-4G the network generations defined by this where best is upcoming soon. 5G, the most reliable upcoming technology of cellular network is under development. But you might see 5G words in new Samsung Galaxy Note series phones and S10 plus as well. were Samsung S10 plus have 5G support and it is tested by youtube name MKBHD. 5G is the 5th generation network technology which is simply better than 4G and has a high-frequency rate compare to 4G. So this is it about 5G, No. there is more to come up with 5G with advantages and Limitations.

The big cellular phone networks like AT & T, Sprint And T-Mobile will be testing their 5G networks and test running in 12 cities by now. This content includes Mobiles that support 5G, What is Frequency of 5G network, How reliable this connectivity and so on.


5G Network Frequency

Every cellular network has a range of its own and they are specified withing range like you surely experienced that in the forest or your bathroom network responds poor due to mismatch of frequency. frequency gets disturbed if there is an obstacle between them that’s why there are so many towers in area where you move to another the frequency of your network automatically switched to their frequency and you getting a seamless experience.

In 4G, the frequency band is 2600 Mhz or you can say 2.6 GHz. If you are Xiomi or oppo-Vivo user you might notice the option in wifi setting while you set up hotspot there is an option for bandwidth 2.4 GHz or more than 5 GHz transmission. where for 5 GHz you can use only where the device is closest. but mostly that option didn’t work at all.


Where 5G frequency range starts from 6 GHz to 100 GHz. which is the high number of amounts. The transfer speed of downloading is about nearly 2GB/s and uploads up to more than 200MB/s where to find exact speed just divide it by 8 you can find exact speed. So if the 5G provides 2048 MBps speed means 256 Mb/s download speed and that is incredible. you download anything in just minutes and seconds.

5G Ready Phones

Where network operators are willing to provide this service at premium rates the other side mobile companies are ready with devices. To use a 5G network there is a need of a 5G receiver just like you call someone, another side needs a receiver. So a couple of mobiles that are 5G ready, the list is as below.

  1. Huawei Mate X
  2. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus(5G)
  3. Xiomi Mi Mix 3
  4. Oneplus 7 or Oneplus 7 Pro
  5. Motorola Z3

More phones come up with this feature but for now, even this device only provides the 4G network. while 5G was ready Software update will be distributed by the company which includes 5G transmission.

5G Advantages & Limitations

The new 5G network changes everything forever. The delivering latency is 10x in simple language the transmission speed as low as possible in milliseconds. More Significant respond in IoT connectivity. gaining more bits per Hz with advanced antenna technology. The traffic capacity will higher than 4G. 10X faster out outputs. Optimizing energy consumption with more efficient processing.

The frequency band is might affect health not only for humans also for animals and the environment.

This is the basis of the 5G network there is more information that will come out later soon as the technology updates.

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