Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phone

In the present time, it’s hard to stay without a mobile. But, mobile has some advantages and disadvantages. Mobile made things easier than before because technology is improving day by day and it is a great thing. Change is the rule of nature and you can’t deny it. Today smartphone is a basic gadget that everyone has. Every person or thing has its upside and downside. Same with the mobile phone but you change it today. Well, we understand that it isn’t easy to stop using a phone and we don’t recommend you either because it’s one of the primary needs. But, you can optimize it. people, these days used to wake up in late-night with the smartphone and wake up late in early mornings. By doing this your health will be affected in real time because your body doesn’t get that rest. To learn the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone see the major points below that will help you to optimize the use of your mobile phones.

Advantages of Mobile Phones:

1). Social Media

social media

Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Snapchat are major social media resources used these days. With social media, you will share your memory with your friends and family. But you know you can make money with it. Here’s the deal doing some kind of work but in a specific genre and keep posting that increase your audience.

Ex: Suppose you are a fashion freak and having the best knowledge of fashion sense in the area. What you can do is use youtube for reference to enhance your knowledge convert into your point of view share it with other platforms like Instagram and Youtube. Once you reach out specific audience in your area your locals business regarding fashion niche will contact you to feature their product. what you can do make a deal with them review their product and get paid for it.

You can even earn with Instagram pages if you will to invest your time apart from watching some stupid videos.

2). Entertainment

In past years if you remember Nokia most of you have been played that snake game. well, entertainment is a good stress relief thing and you should do some activity that entertains you. if doing hard work for a day-long and then come with an angry mind at home you should rest and watch funny videos on youtube like BB ki Vines. You can play games like PUBG or racing games like Asphalt. if you want peace in your mind you can play puzzle games.

3). Useful Application

useful application

In 2019, all of you aware of traffic fines. But you can use apps like Digilocker and mParivahan to save your documents digitally. Other apps like google primer will increase your knowledge of the business. In-play store, there is a lot of amazing apps you can use for your own benefits.


  • Using a photo editing app like VSCO and Pixlr will provide you to showcase your creativity and feature on that platform.
  • Tiktok – Make a short video and use trending hashtags, share with other social media platforms to increase your audience and get a chance to famous.
  • IQ Option – learn to trade on youtube and earn for yourself at low risk and increase your passive income.
  • Google Task – make your daily task list and try to complete it within time to increase your time management skills.

Use the google play store as an advantage factor. do not spoil your career by doing some stupid things.

4). Alarm and Reminder

You can set up your daily alarm to wake up. Now, don’t put on snooze every time its rings just wake up from your bed and rise and shine. A reminder will help you to remind late task and reminder is a very useful tool. If you have pending bills and if you set a reminder that after one month these bills should be done so it will notify when you forgot.

5). Various Utilities

Mobile phones have various utilities like calls, messages, camera, etc. On the mobile phone, you can make conference calls for group discussion. You can video chat. Also, people can experience 4G internet speed on mobile phones. You can even secure your phone with features like fingerprint and face unlock.

We have seen the advantages of mobile phones now let’s discuss disadvantages also.

Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones

1). Interruptions

Suppose you are in family function and doing any activity related to it and someone calls or text you. it will distract your mind from your work. If you are CEO and having a business meeting and a pop-up message appears your whole concentration will be distracted to their messages.

Even if you are with your friends and keep continue on the mobile phone while the whole group discussing things. What if your group might not call you for another discussion or even they don’t invite you to the party because you busy on your phone. Keep your mind focus while you are in public places. enjoy nature while traveling.

2). Isolation

If you keep in your house in your college days and only use mobile phones whole isolates you from the outer world. make interaction with other help you grow better. Don’t pack your self on the shell just because of a piece of gadgets. try to even visit your nearest garden. walk around your area.

3). Health Problems

health problems

using phone late night can impact your health. Playing games on high brightness or doing late-night chats will cause eye problems. Continues use of mobile phones will cause pain in the neck area because of the constant position. If you decide to study the disadvantages of mobile phone usage, there are even more. Eye cancer, sleeplessness which causes constant weakness during the day, and impotence related to Wi-Fi connectivity are between the worries.

4). Watching too Many Adult Films

Sexual disadvantage of mobile phones minWatching porn and other sexual movies constantly decrease your mind power and affect your thought process. it also changes the view of your perspective to other Women/men. Watching too much porn can cause masturbate and too much masturbate will decrease ability from your sperm. masturbate isn’t a bad thing but doing this daily can impact your future generations. Take control over your mind. make a hard decision to try to follow them.

That is all about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. this article is for your understanding that how you can use your mobile phone wisely and profitably. Our intention is to keep you aware of mobile phones, provide a guide to which mobile is perfect for you, and giving the best tips for better use of mobiles.

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