7 Best Antivirus For Android 2019

7 best antivirus for android in 2019. In your daily life, you may not even live without a smartphone if you are alone even in family function or at some event like a concert, a business meet and greet, etc. Well, you always wanted to protect your privacy first. According to a survey, there are more than 432 million smartphones available where an Android user is 81.7 % and ios user is 19.3 %. So for apple users no need to worry. Because Apple provides that kind of security to its users and that’s why rich people getting used to it.

But what about you, you are an android user and must protect your phone from malware. Also, there is so much application on google. Which one antivirus you should install? What kind of antivirus is best? Well Here listed 7 best antiviruses for android.

7 Best Antivirus For Android 2019

Here 7 best antivirus for android I found for myself and my choice amongst these are malware bytes and bit defender. If you have doubts about it search for pcmag. They listed PC items as they find them useful. Move to android for the point. So let’s get started by a little bit depth of info and what is a useful feature.

1]. Avast Antivirus

The most friendly software you always heard of after quick heal. Avast has many features. It also provides subscription for monthly and yearly which is divided into Pro and Ultimate packs. Images will make you understand better. Even if you download outside from India, The avast shows price according to your countries like dollars or pounds.

Avast best antivirus


Avast provides app lock, Anti-theft, file scanner, wifi security, Instant scan on the main screen.

The app works fine for you if you ever used avast in pc you know how strong it is.

You Can Download Avast here: Avast Antivirus

2]. Bit Defender

The best antivirus awarded for android in 2015, 2016 & 2017. You can use a bit defender by logging in or sign in with third-party apps like facebook or google. In order to use it, bit defender asks permission in setting you have to allow and it starts to scan your phone. Also, they provide a 14-day trial where you get full access but you have to provide card details or google play points to use it. You can cancel at any time.

bitdefender antivirus

But, I strongly suggest no need for that. Just use free version features. Or purchase a yearly subscription will be more cheap than monthly.

Check out the feature from the play store. find the app from the below link. Most of the android antivirus provides a similar feature. The difference is the price rate. If you think which one to choose I recommend you to start with bit defender.

Download Bit defender app: Bit Defender Antivirus

3]. Malware Bytes Best Antivirus For Android

Secure at the max level than others. On start, the same as other applications ask for a premium. But you can continue with free. What it does is at the start you have to run a full scan where the app scanned app one by one for malware issues.

But this app size high compares to another antivirus. 37 MB of the app till 2019, the update may bring higher or lower updated.

malware bytes antivirus

About scanning, keep your phone remain ideal while it scanning it does work slow but work efficiently for your safety as well.

Download Malware Bytes here: Malwarebytes Security

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4]. Norton Mobile Security And Antivirus

Norton works for anti-malware for 20 years or more now. One of the best in the market which provide security to brand like paytm and others. In Android, they offer you premium membership for their program. And also the application size if only 20 Mb which is lower than above I listed.

norton antivirus

Norton asks for permission inside the setting which you will be redirected by Norton. Norton enables Anti-malware for better security.

Download Norton Here: Norton Mobile Security

5]. Kaspersky Free Antivirus Best Antivirus For Android

Well, this antivirus has an amazing rating on play store for internet security. Most of the malware share through some pop-up ads or from web browsing.

If you open play store search for the term, you will see lots of the results of the app which is made by Kaspersky Lab.

App Size is more but if you worried about your social profile or web browsing to prevent malware this is the one you must go for it.

Download Kaspersky Internet Security here: Kaspersky

6]. McAfee Mobile Security

Mcafee is an American company by late on it was purchased by Intel in February 2011. Why am I am saying this because you trust in intel don’t you. I have been used Mcafee for 2 months as a free trial for 60 days they are given on. But withing some updates I feel like it was draining my battery so I switched to malware bytes free version.


But still, McAfee is good for malware protection. A good customized app for easy to use interface. Protects you from theft and wifi threats.

Download McAfee Mobile Security: McAfee Mobile Antivirus

7]. AVG

Ani-Virus Guard an older member of the antivirus community. AVG is good for any phone. It is an optimized app that works decently for you. App clean junk files, protect from theft, keep your photos private, Even with VPN security, A features as Digital Wellbeing which shows you which app you used the most.

The Important strength of AVG is it offers you multiple functionalities at free. If you installed the app you get to know by your self.

Download AVG here: AVG Antivirus

Above listed ani virus helps you to get better privacy control on your phone. In every app, there is a purchase. I recommend purchasing yearly if you are a businessman or running some sort of organization. Keep your data safe. Do safe browsing. if any website shows you so many pop-ups close that website, in-browser go clear your history data. Also clear cache data and cookies data for better surfing. Use app lock on social media apps so no one can access it.

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