Best Bluetooth headphones under 2000 in India. Choosing the best wireless headphones under 2000 is quite difficult. Here We have listed the best Bluetooth headphones under 2000. These headphones are best in their price. Instead of scrolling long use this table content to access direct headphone details to read more. Top 5 best Bluetooth headphones under 2000 list are here.

The Bluetooth headphones listed are based on already used by so many customers with above 4+ rating. I just figured out a list and put them here so instead of wasting your time on finding just go through this will save time and money.

Music these days are more important to entrain your self. Maybe you are a gym guy who is extremely disappointed with your shitty gym music and you want some energetic music but you just can’t use earphones and phone because it’s extremely disturbing.

Or else you are a housewife alone having household work but you feeling tired and boring while you doing your work and even someone calling you and you can not speak to that person. so this is for you as well.

The headphones available here can hold up a good battery, having massive audio quality, and good build as well. Some of the headphones can be used with AUX cable as well.

Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 2000

Boat Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Best Bluetooth headphone available here. The headphones have a clear and touchy finish all around that gives the gadget a very modern feel. This design is truly amazing of boat Bluetooth headphones and also the audio technology.

The design of this headphone is very unique and control setup at its best. This headphone also accesses Alexa with the push button facility.

The brand provides this product in 4 different colors without any price change. you can choose up to 4 colors.

The cushion comfort is designed well so you can enjoy disturbance-free music.

The headset also has a gleaming color flare that truly determines aesthetics. One of the earbuds houses the control panel so that you can regulate your music or calls efficiently.

Have a look at the other features of this impressive Boat Rockerz 510:

  • Inside the box, you will get one audio cable or aux cable. the purpose of this is to provide audio thorough cable when you run out of battery. the sound quality will be the same in both options because the way of connection is changing not inside hardware so no worries on that.
  • The signature tech of Boat gives you thumping bass experience. Simply, whenever you play a song it equalizes both bass and treble and gives you the best performance of it.
  • Just like mobile phones getting more battery with this one you can dance up to 8 hrs. This Bluetooth headphone take up to 3 HR of charging it just become of its low power output charger,
  • Inside the headphone, the 50nm sound drivers make sure that you never lose the performance of any song or playing a multiplayer game on your gaming device or else.

This headphone has everything you need. A lightweight headphone with a weight of 230 grams only. Apart from that easy control and its desirable design. IF you are a beginner PC gamer this can be perfect for you. An aux cable is provided inside the box and a USB cable as well for charging. This one is the best Bluetooth headphones under 2000.

Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Wireless On-Ear Dual EQ Deep Bass Headphones

Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Wireless On-Ear Dual EQ Deep Bass Headphones

All right let me assume that you desired fan JBL. First, let’s clear doubt. Harman is the original parent company of all its gadgets. JBL, AKG, infinity are body parts of Harman audio. Now you know that this is original let’s see some dashing features of this.

The design Infinity Glide 500 is super simple and handy. After this, it still feels premium in hand. These Bluetooth headphones are available in 3 colors and all of them are at the same price. These 3 colors are black, blue, and red.

The Infinity Bluetooth headphone is foldable and easy to carry anywhere. JBL is known for its sound quality here are some interesting feature you might want to read.

  • A deep bass sound. JBL Harman never compromises on sound engineering. The unbeatable sound quality of this Bluetooth headphone shines through no matter what you play.
  • 20 Hrs of playtime with just 2 hrs of charging this is the great Parkinson value.
  • A dual equalizer tech to experience the audio according to your comfort. Just press the volume up and down button simultaneously and you are good to go.
  • Easy access to the google assistant and Siri by just tapping the power button twice.
  • Easy talks with these Bluetooth devices.
  • The soft cushion lined ear cups are designed to rest on your ears without disturbing them. It is the superfluous musical partner that will help you glide through your day with zero troubles.

Infinity JBL glide 500 has easy to use control and simple premium design at low cost. the best Bluetooth headphones under 2000. this can be perfect while traveling, gym, doing household work or maybe dance crazy when you’re alone. Easily foldable ear cups so it can be easy to carry anywhere.

Boltt Blast 100 Hi-Fi Stereo Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Boltt Blast 100 Hi-Fi Stereo Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Alright, first this is not Boat. its Boltt so there is a difference between them. The design of this Bluetooth headphone is the best design ever in all headphones. there are 2 colors in option two choose and the blue one can win you heard as you see in the image. just image this headphone over your head.

Quality of the sound gonna is gonna super precious in this one. A 40 nm neodymium driver produced excellent sound performance. A little explanation of the neodymium driver.

Neodymium driver

Neodymium drivers headphones feature a driver, the element that converts electrical signals into sound, made of a neodymium magnet. This provides a better bass response and higher overall sound quality.

Back To Headphone

This Bluetooth headphone provides immersive Hi-Fi sound with great bass and crystal clear audio. Just lose yourself in the music.

Here are some features of the best Bluetooth headphone:

  • A 40 nm neodymium driver provides beautiful audio and crystal clear bass sound to blend in the music.
  • A 600 mAh of battery inside which produces 20 HRs of long-lasting playback time.
  • GREAT BASS: The 40mm drivers offer a frequency response of 20 – 20KHz and outstanding sound generation and wide dynamic range to render outstanding sound quality.
  • The comfort of this one ca be miserable. A stainless steel slider with the cover softly padded material to adjust the Bluetooth headphone according to your requirements.
  • A dual-mode switch. You can use this headphone with audio cable as well if you running out of battery.
  • Easy and stable Bluetooth tech to connect instantly.

A much value provided Bluetooth headphones avaiable in the market. you can even check user rating by click on that box is given below. A truly stylish design with maximum power out and capacity like above Infinity headphone.

Boat Super Bass Rockerz 400 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones with Mic

boAt Super Bass Rockerz 400 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones with Mic

Keeping continue the list we have another competitor from the boat itself. This one is cheaper than the upper one. You can say the best Bluetooth headphone under 1500. A better option for everyone who always loves to look out for cheap items.

The headphones come in simple and smooth carbon black tone finish along with an ergonomic design.

These boat headphones contain dual-mode facility where you can use aux cable as well apart from the Bluetooth technology. Inside the Bluetooth headphone, the On-ear headphones come within 40 nm drivers which delivers excellent super bass and audio quality.

Here are the features you should look out:

  • A passive noise cancellation feature that makes sure you enjoy your music without any disturbance of outside noise. A seamless music experience inside your ears.
  • These Bluetooth headphones avaiable in 4 colors and in this particular headphone price varies with colors. so make sure to before checkout.
  • The following colors are avaiable Black/Blue, Carbon Black, black/red, and Grey/Green.
  • High definition clarity audio provides by this boat rockerz 400. Even if the audio has a low frequency of sound you can hear clearly.
  • The range of Bluetooth connectivity appears up to 10 m of range.
  • Up to 8 hours of usage with a single charge.

These headphones look good on anyone’s head. The colors provided look good and you have a choice on colors so kudos on that as well. The convenience of this headphone is you can fold and carry outside easily.

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Flybot Rock Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphone

Flybot Rock Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphone

A new competitor and a cheap product but with quality. FLybot is only one headphone which rated with a 4.7/5 rating on Amazon. the price of this phone is under 1500. the best headphone under 1500 in India.

Flybot rock Bluetooth headphone has 40 nm large-aperture driver units which deliver superb sound quality. this headphone design is so smooth. The coverage over on the head feels so balanced. Just imagine your imagine yourself wearing them and visualize your photo in your head.

Here are the great features of this headphone:

  • High-quality sound output via 40 mm large-aperture drivers. A powerful latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology to provide you low latency connection between your device and headphones.
  • This headphone has IPX 5 support. This means your headphone can be protected from water splash and the cushion are sweat proof.
  • The Bluetooth range works up to 10 m for any of this headphone.
  • A stable fit: Memory-protein ear cushion, ensures lasting comfort and provides excellent durability.
  • softly padded headband allows you to get the most comfortable enjoyment without constraint.
  • In-build mic facility. Manage your calls if someone interrupts your music. Easily one-tap button to pick up calls.
  • Keep the focus on your work with a noise cancellation facility. Active noise cancellation helps to reduce outside sources like traffic, busy office, etc.
  • 6 HRs of playback time which quite low but according to price its good.

This flybot is avaiable in a single color only. The battery is might have low backup time but the 6 HRs are quality hours. this is the best Bluetooth headphones under 2000.


These are the best Bluetooth headphones under 2000 rupees. Headphones listed here is are best according to rating and price consideration. Everybody uses their own way to use headphones.

Here is my recommendation you can go through if you are in gaming and finding something worth I highly suggest to go with Boat Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

Other than that if your requirement is in the gym go for Infinity JBL. Since all products are all-rounder. But having cushion Headphones are painless in-ear. So pick your best Bluetooth headphones from the best Bluetooth headphones under 2000.

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