8 Best car racing game for Android

Best car racing game for android to play. Game industry has been rising through out the years and as multiplayer game take over the market the gaming is being stared to being more competitive than previous.

Game is a great time cluster and mood refreshing, playing same games for long time can be irritating. Instead of this try some new games.

Here I listed best car racing games for android to play. These game are best in size, graphics, control mechanics, and user experience.

These are the Best car racing game for Android

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

One of the best racing games on android.

A racing game that changed the phase in mobile gaming. My first ever game download via the 3G network and lost all my data to download it.

But the data I spent is worth because I play this game for a very long time. Asphalt 8 is the first mobile game of mine which shocked me with graphics.

The game has great sound design and controls that made you stick to the game. Wide range of cars from different manufacturers. Lots of tracks to play in various modes and in various cities.

Also, the track has a reverse version. A great masterpiece of racing.

I play until season 7, after that I lost my data while still having an account connected to google play games.

Anyway, the game has great graphics. I love the tracks and visuals of this game when you wreck other cars.

Game mechanics have improved over time. I don’t like that multiplayer mode because the matchmaking is not head to head.

In my case, I used to drive Pagani Zonda R(top speed 338 km/h) and the other has Mclaren 720 S with the top speed of 440km/h.

I was like, dude seriously. So I left the game but still used to play offline in back days. Asphalt 8 is still the best car racing game for android/ios to play.


  • Graphics, Sound, and tracks are great
  • Controls are very stable
  • Amazing visual in slow motion


  • Matchmaking(If improve please let me know in comments)

My Opinion

Truly admire this game and if you got data to download now, do it. I know its not a complete multilayer but once you invest your data you got time to cluster on holidays and at the weekends. Excellent game creation by Gameloft.

2. Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo gaming studio has made an amazing game. Mario kart is beyond my expectation because I am more likely to play asphalt 8 and hill climb racing.

Mario Kart Tour is the best fun car racing game for android and IOS.

Mario kart is a portrait mode racing game with extraordinary graphics. The game does not have an expensive car but has real fun and excitement.

You can race online or with your friends by creating a room, In a race, you have to complete 2 laps first to win, during the race you get different elements by collecting question box. You can throw them on your opponent to slow down. You will get banana rind, bomb, ghost, booster for your self, tod to slow down the competitor.

You can unlock a variety of racers from the Mushroom Kingdom, compete in a variety of races, and there are a couple of different game modes as well.

Controls of the game are not stable and not well designed but work well if you turn on gyro from settings, I guess within the update that problem has been solved as well.

You can also play a game with your friends. This allows you to play with up to 7 friends.

Having a Nintendo account is compulsory to play if you don’t have one create here for free. You can sign up with an email(google) and get your code to done the rest of the procedure to start the game.

Mario kart has 400 MB approx to download in-game, so make sure the data is available.


  • Quality of graphics is insane
  • Excellent portrait mode game
  • Too much fun when you play with friends because during the race you get items to throw on your competitors which slows them down


  • Controls are not as reliable as the game demands
  • Car mechanics are bit weak

My Opinion

The game has a catchy graphics and smooth gameplay. Still saying controls need improvements but not that bad. Playing with friends is actually fun. Love the concept just a bit touch up and it will boom.

3. Need For Speed – No Limits

Need for Speed – No limits is the good car racing game on android and it is a great time cluster.

Need for speed – no limits is an online racing game with a story.

Electronic Arts make the game, and the company is 2nd largest company in the US in video gaming creation.

The game has a good amount of car options but you have to unlock them by collecting blueprint, at first you got Subaru BRZ and while playing 1st chapter you have BMW M3.

Well, I got a BMW M3 so I mention it, let me know which one you got.

The game has various modes to play on a map and each car has a specified blueprint, You also get upgrade cards to upgrade car parts like engine, flywheel, etc.

Game is best to play with tilt controls, the controls are well designed and easy. Also, the camera angle inside the game after finishing the race is so cinematic.

Need for speed is available in around 50 MB on play store but the game has additional file inside to download almost under 500 MB. For extra, the game has an additional 750 MB of download to unlock car series mode.

EA sports always came up with amazing concepts and visuals. Games they made have excellent game graphics and balanced control.


  • Great Graphics & Control
  • No heavy device required(2-4 GB Ram device are good enough)
  • Easy at first but getting difficult as you pass


  • Internet is compulsory

My Opinion

At the beginning it’s not that challenging, but as I move forward it covert from easy to medium. The game is good for fun if you have nothing to do.

4. Asphalt 9 – Legends

In the entire racing games category, Gameloft has boomed the racing experience after launching asphalt 8 airborne.

Asphalt 8 is one of the best racing game on android. after the overwhelming response, the creators at Gameloft came up with legends.

Asphalt 9 is only available in online mode, you can’t play it offline.

This racing game is an epic multiplayer game, with an amazing car line that is divided by class(S, A, C,  D).

Gameloft never compromises with the graphics, Asphalt 9 has a clear user interface which is easy to understand.

The game features excellent graphic design, steady controls, and solid mechanics. Inside the game, there are hundreds of events to play.

At the beginning it only avaiable for a premium device like iPhone, oneplus, Samsung flagship, etc. But now it is available in the mid-range devices as well.

Asphalt 9 is a great challenging game and a massive time cluster. The size of the game is big, but I am guessing you downloaded PUBG mobile and you got time to try this.


  • Great graphics and gameplay
  • Race with the real players


  • No offline mode

My Opinion

Graphics is a solid piece of this game that brings back you every time. Multiplayer is challenging but as you unlock more cars with higher specs it becomes easy. But in the end, it depends on skill in my guess.

If you read this far, this list has Best Android Games Of All Time

5. Real Racing 3

Another piece from electronic arts. Name define the game and its experience.

Real racing is the real best car racing game for android. The smooth thing in the game is control, controls are precisely designed.

Real racing is full of content and has more than 100 cars from different manufacturers. The game has various game modes including real-time multiplayer and even the game’s race tracks are digital versions of real race tracks

Graphics and sound are great at this size. If you love F1 racing than this game is perfect for you, The sound gives energy that you are in the real racing arena.

Tracks in the game are great, realistic, and very real. Tracks look similar to real-life f1 racing tracks.


  • Realistic experience
  • Smooth Gameplay and control
  • No high device needed


  • 2 Additional file to download Inside which make game approx 1.1 GB or more

My Opinion

I personally experience this game and track is so real. No minus on graphic, but there is no nitro option as the race is going on a real track. A good graphical game.

6. CSR 2 Racing

A big size giant in the list with superior graphics. I know I said that Gameloft made amazing graphics, and I do agree.

The reason to mention superior because NaturalMotionGames LTD actually did awesome work in the upgrade. The game looks so real.

CSR 2 is a best popular drag racing game for android

You’ll be buying cars, adding upgrades, and then racing. It features a campaign mode with plenty of races. You can also do online racing against people. There are plenty of cars to collect and the graphics are actually pretty good

Car graphics are tremendous. I put this game below because the racing tracks are okay of this game, you do get excellent experience but asphalt nailed on tracks.

CSR Racing 2 is an excellent time killer and provides you real drag racing experience, the game has a story inside it and the visuals are great.


  • Graphic Quality
  • The gameplay is stable and very real


  • Size of the game is too high

My Opinion

Long ago I played the CSR racing(first part), but I haven’t tried this. But I do watch this game gameplay and I am so amazed. If you play this game or still having on your phone, share your experience in comments and let us all know

7. Hill Climb Racing 2

After the great success of Hill climb racing one, the makers of finger soft came up with the new package.

Hill climb racing 2 is an epic fun game with cartoon-style graphics. The moments of the crashing are very funny.

If you turn down your car, your character necks get wreck, and the sound of that wreck is quite unique concept.

Inside the game, you race with other players upside down heal. you can also customize your vehicles, tune them to behave a certain way, and more.

The car mechanic designed so cleverly to play this game again and again, the vehicle is hard to control sometimes.

The game includes a campaign, an online multiplayer mode, achievements, daily tasks, and challenges.

The game is fun and can be played in offline mode.


  • Graphics and gameplay is smooth
  • Colorful and catchy
  • Handling vehicle is a real challenge while racing


  • The male character is very sad

My Opinion

Game is challenging sometime, because car mechanics are not normal as any other game, you have to identify on which obstacle car loose its momentum.

8. Traffic Racer

An endless highway to run your car. I used to play this game in 2018 and it’s actually pretty good.

The game demands focus and better control of driving. This came is short time cluster.

You can unlock the map with game money. You get a car at the beginning and can easily unlock all cars by playing the game for an hour.

The game is small and has nothing complicated. if your child demands the game then giving this is a great option. Even in a co-working space break, it can be a short time cluster.

The gameplay of the game is smooth and didn’t require premium devices.


  • Small Size game, best racing games for android under 100mb
  • Smooth and didn’t require more space


  • Nothing is challenging
  • Quite boring for a long time, good for short term

My Opinion

Of course, the game is boring, but if you have like nothing to do and no other option, give it a try is an excellent time cluster rather than sitting bored.

Beat The Boredom With Best Car Racing Games For Android

I have experience the 7 games out of 8. CSR 2 is good but I like to play mario kart tour and asphalt in my free time.

Don’t be confused where to start, if you haven’t play any single from this list try to start with 1, and then move forward.

Game is a great tool to beat the boredom, stress reliever, and fun.

have you tried any of the games from the list, then share your experience with me and let other know what you think.

Any Question Or Comment?