15 Tips To Design Best Controls For PUBG Mobile

Trying to make the best controls for PUBG Mobile which actually works? Well, read this.

How bad are you at PUBG Mobile? Trying tons of layout, copy professional pro player layout, continuously switching between thumbs, 3 fingers, 4 fingers, 5 fingers or even 6 fingers.

The fact is none of these changes work out, every single time when you dive into the TDM match to practice.

right or wrong

You’re tweaking your sensitivity for tons of time and the result is still not going to change. So what is going wrong actually?

Well, I am here to explain to you. I have something to aware of before you dive or swipe up early.

I also play pubg mobile, and even tried to enter the competitive scene, but in the end, if you have not good squad you can’t make it through.

I have less KD and stats but my game improves as I made changes. Also, Device is one of the reasoning factors when you play battle royale games.

So what did I do? Well, I figure out certain things to improve my gameplay. Such as Sensitivity, Network and Most Important Layout.

I am guiding through how you can customize your layout to a full optimization level. Because the more area you have the better you can spot.

Choose Your Finger Style

Octo Owais

You know Mohammad Owais Lakhani Also known as “OCTO OWAIS”. He uses to play 5 fingers and that’s why he is known as OCTOPUS Player.

But After the PMAS 2019 he shifted to 3 fingers, even he uses 2 thumbs control in close range if you see him stream carefully.

My own story, I used to play 2 thumbs at the beginning, watching Mortal shifted me to 3 fingers, and then I shifted to 4 fingers.

I use to play 4 fingers when I have Samsung J7-Duo. After getting Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 I am finally able to use Gyro with 4 fingers.

In Jan 2019 I used to play with 4 finger Gyro. Then I shifted to 3 fingers in the middle of March 2019 and In November I finally switched to thumbs.

In the current scenario, I set up my control like these.

My layout-Best Controls For PUBG Mobile

Now I use 2 thumbs right-hand fire button in close range and 3 finger fire button to use bolt action rifles or shotguns.

So, how can you decide what is fit for you? I recommend starting with my set up will be easier.

In my opinion, the live stream I watch and live tournament I saw, the best set up is 3 fingers control.

My layout is very basic and simple. The layout you looking for is available at the end of the section. Before that please continue reading this to create your own layout.

Understand The Each Layout

In the setting, the layout has its own 3 different types. Many players don’t know what are they for. So this video explains all detail about it. But I use the 1st One.

PUBG Mobile Controls Layout Section

How You Can Set Up Your Best Controls For PUBG Mobile

1). Set Button Size According To Your Fingers And Thumbs

Button Size

It is very important to set button size and its transparency.

Hold you’re phone just like when you are playing. Now Point out the finger to controls. Set the size in which they perfectly settled when you hit them.

2). Position Of Fire Button

Button Difference

The left side of the fire button is bigger than the right one.

Both buttons are different. The left fire button is a fixed button so when you press it you can not transfer aim.

The right one is the opposite, you can move and shoot easily.

Now in 3 fingers set up, it will be easy to just put both the fire button at the top left corner. But If you using thumb without gyro then place them in the right position is necessary.

3). Sneak Your Peak

Now peak is extremely important when you firing horizontally to moving enemy. Here’s how you can set it up.

If you have speed in your thumb like Jonathan, then keep it in left.

But If you can not control multiple things with one thumb, just do it as I did. You can even move it to the upper right corner as Mortal and Snax did.

Mortal and Snax Controls

4). Exit On Your Peak

You forgot something, didn’t you? I saw that the player set the exit button on a top right corner or in the center, Why?

Set it up on the peak button, because when you driving you can not peak. So no problem when you rush on houses.

If you design your layout where crouch, prone and jump button is on the top right corner or left corner the following position is best for the exit button.

set exit button on peak

You can set the exit button right here.

5). Open Scope Right Into Enemy Head

The default scope position is good but better in 4 fingers. I used the default just increase the size.

Keep in mind place the scope button at the edges of your phone like the top left or right corner if you use more than 3 fingers.

To open your scope right into the enemy head, focus on your crosshair, and practice hard.

6). Reduce The Map A Little Bit

I usually suggest that decreasing map size up to 5% or 15% gives you little space.

Also, reduce the trio(setting-all voice-team voice) tab size to 80. Because it uses once a time when you play a game.

7). Set Up Your Loot Icon


In the layout, there are two icons. One is showing a loot crate button, and the second one showing a hand button where you loot by your self.

Play with that button to figure out, where you can instantly fire when someone comes to rush on you.

8). Place the Gun Where You Can Easily Switch

I usually use the default, because my thumb is long enough to change between guns.

You can prefer Nova King’s controls to try out. Placing guns into an exact position where your thumbs can easily switch is so much important.

NovaKing Setup

Because when you having a fight, and switch guns instead of reloading gives you an advantage.

9). Overlay the Open Button On Drive

This how you can save space. I’ll explain.

We do have an Open and Close door button. Also, for vehicles, there are Drive and Get In button.

Now, vehicles usually found near roads or in the garage. So the option can be an overlay.

For instance, there is a low possibility that you exit from vehicle and land in front of the door.

But we can prevent this as well so you do not get back into the vehicle. Set the buttons a little upper side. Refer to this image for better understanding.

drive-get in-open-close

10). Down The Bomb And Healing

If you notice carefully, the tabs for grenade and healing are little up by default.

Increase the size little bit, and drag it down.

11). Tweak The Quick Scope And Chit-Chat Box

A magical feature by a pubg mobile developer. Use it wisely. Clip this function in the middle of right or little above at right.

Just decrease the transparency level.

You can set a chatbox and a quick scope button like this.

Scope and Chat

12). Eye-Ball Can Be Useful

A best-underrated feature for TPP. Placing eye-ball around the default position is very useful.

I suggest keep it eyeball in the center while editing your layout and find the best position.

13). Consume Or Revive

Set Plus Button Bigger In Center

A one-call button. You can see the time of consuming as well as the revival time of your friend.

The default position is okay but increases the size a little bit gives more visibility and easy to cancel revive when someone rushing on you.

14). Pick Your Backpack

The backpack is usually in the left down corner and I guess it’s in a pretty great position. What you can do Increase size by 110 or 115%.

Also, drag left a little bit so when you move and shoot your bag will don’t be the reason for your death.

15). Things To Set Up On Your Own

you can do it give it a try

Joystick. Set it up correctly.

It is up to you where to put joystick. What I mean it keeps in left but the size and little bit upside down position change that players refer.

Just like a mortal, he reduced the joystick to small. You can find your own by doing practice.

The all necessary elements included making you the best controls for pubg mobile.


Summary with last words about entire article

The 15 points I mention, try to put them in practice.

just don’t read it and go away.

None of your controls sucks. Honestly, hard to say but, you suck.

Putting one new layout and excited about its the best layout and without practice in training, you directly jump into the match, cost you minus point.

Don’t just play to push-rank, play to improve gameplay, gameplay which represents yourself. Like popular YouTubers did.

At last for disclosure, All I want you to do is practice, practice, and practice. You will definitely make your best controls for PUBG Mobile.

Any Question Or Comment?