Best Earphones Under 1500 Rupees in India

In a search of finding the best earphones under 1500 rupees? Then your answer is right here, I’ve listed only 3 best earphones that meet your requirement.

Even the wireless earphones are getting praised these days doesn’t mean the wired earphones era ends here.

When it comes to gaming or a pure music experience the in-ear wired earphones still outnumbered the Bluetooth earphones.

Here I have found these three best earphones under 1500 rupees that will be worth investing.

So without wasting any further time, let’s dive right into the post…

Here Are The 3 Best Earphones Under 1500 Rupees

1. JBL Endurance Run

JBL Endurance Run
JBL Endurance Run Specification
Cable Length1.2 meters
Frequency Response20 - 20,000 Hz
Driver Size8.2mm dynamic driver
Impedance32 Ohms

JBL is a well-known brand when it comes to earphones, headphones, or wireless speakers. The Endurance series is specifically targeted towards exercise enthusiasts people.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t use it, you can also purchase it for daily use. Let’s have a close look.

Design and Build

I must say, the packaging is quite impressive though.

Coming to the earphone, the wire quality is decent I said. You better not stretch the wire even if you’re damn angry.

Apart from the black color, I listed here the earphone is also available in five different colours which are as follows: Red – Blue – Teal -Yellow.

I personally like the Yellow as it looks more attractive with the black colour combination but you can make your choice according to your preference.

Two things to address here. The JBL Endurance Run is sweatproof and comfortable.

The comfort at its best, you can wear this earphone normally and the other way is behind the ear style.

Behind the ear style makes earphones invulnerable from being damaged from accidental stretch.

Also once you wear it in a behind-the-ear style you have to twist the earbuds a little bit to pull out them from the ear which I really like.

The earphone fitting is absolutely fine, and this accessory is comfy as well.

The in-line remote holds a microphone for talking to others for hours and it also contains a single multi-functional button.

With that button, you can play or pause a song, reject or receive calls, press two times to move to the next song, and press three times to go back to previous songs.

Press the button for 3 seconds and you are also able to use google assistant.

Each earpiece has a magnet on the backside so you can easily hang them on your neck while not in use.

Sound Quality

The JBL Endurance Run comes with the 8.2mm dynamic driver giving an absolute sound quality to your ears.

The audio quality is crystal ear also it’s well-balanced. The low-end is very rich and you can hear high frequency very clean.

To say it in short, the audio quality shine in almost every genre.

If you plan to play games with it then you’re free to go with this one.

The JBL Endurance gives good isolation once you put it on your ears, the surrounding sound experience is always good.

My Opinion

The JBL Endurance Run is a top-notch quality earphone price under 1500 rupees giving the best audio experience and comfort.

  • Crystal clear sound
  • In-line remote with multi-functional remote
  • Comfy fit
  • Sweatproof
  • No dedicated buttons for volume up/down

2. Sony MDR-EX155AP

Sony MDR-EX155AP
Sony MDR-EX155AP Specification
Cable Length1.2 meters
Frequency Response5 - 24,000 Hz
Driver Size9mm neodymium drivers
Impedance16 Ohms

Sony does shine in the Television segment and the company also tried to expand its legs into the mobile and accessory market.

The Sony MDR-EX155AP features a long wire and a catchy design. This earphone is priced at just rupees 1149.

Design and Build

The design of this Sony MDR-EX155AP is really eye-catchy.

The Sony MDR-EX155AP has an in-ear style design that fits comfortably inside your ear and does not cause any kind of pain even if you wear it for like 2 to 4 hours.

The credit also goes to smooth silicone tip which is easy to clean and inside the box you get extra if your ear size is big or small.

The eardrum has a chrome finish that surely brings my attention and you can find it in every colour, this earphone comes in three different colours which are black, white, and light blue.

Speaking of the build, the Sony MDR-EX155AP manufactured from a plastic build which feels decent and one letdown is it’s not tangled free.

Moving ahead, there is a small cable manager for earphones and furthermore, there’s an in-line remote featuring a microphone and a tactile multi-functional button.

The L-shaped audio jack is always been my favorite as it gives more convenience while playing battle royale games.

Sound Quality

The Sony MDR-EX155AP features 9mm neodymium drivers that spread excellent sound quality which enhances the movie experience.

The Sony MDR-EX155AP has a frequency response from 5Hz to 24,000Hz means it covers the best low-ends and top high-ends.

That said, the audio quality on this one is said to be exceptional for the asking price of 1149 rupees.

Compared to JBL T210 this one is far better in terms of sound quality.

My Opinion

The Sony MDR-EX155AP gives an amazing sound quality that can’t be unseen at this price segment and it’s the best earphones under 1500 rupees.

  • 9mm neodymium drivers
  • Brilliant sound quality
  • Attractive design
  • Not tangled free

3. Sennheiser CX80s

Sennheiser CX80s
Sennheiser CX 80s Specification
Cable Length1.2 meters
Frequency Response17 - 20,000 Hz
Driver Size-
Impedance28 Ohms

With the experience of more than 65 years in the audio industry, Sennheiser is the best brand I admired the most.

The Sennheiser CX80s has priced somewhere around 1500 rupees and it gives good sound quality.

Design and Build

The Sennheiser CX80s has a thin plastic wire which feels not durable at all and you mustn’t use it recklessly.

The eardrum has a nice metallic finish. The earpiece design is simple, it’s not in-ear but it settles perfectly inside the ears.

The earphone has a remote containing a good quality microphone for calling and a usual versatile button just as I’ve explained in the JBL Endurance Run.

The Sennheiser CX80s cable is 1.2mm long which is sufficient enough for a regular user like you and there will be no issue while traveling.

The L-shaped audio jack is gold plated and works with almost every device fine and does not get loose easily.

One more thing, the wire is not tangled free, so it will be a headache if the wire got messed up.

Sound Quality

The Sennheiser CX80s gives good sound quality, the vocals sounds and this one is good for those who listen to podcasts and interviews continuously.

Also, for calling geeks this accessory is perfect.

No, I am not suppressing the bass part anywhere. The bass here is a little bit on the cold side or can say a little in imprison.

Another thing I like to mention is to avoid gaming, the sound of footsteps are easy to identify but the lack of SFX audio ruin the gaming experience.

My Opinion

The Sennheiser CX80s is a good pair of earphone but I think it’s a bit expensive for the asking price.

So the reason for listing is the earphone gives a two-year warrant which no one else gives in the market right now.

Second, the earphone is comfortable and good for voice calling and listening to podcasts and acoustic songs.

  • Vocal quality is on par
  • L-shaped audio jack
  • Long wire length
  • 2-year warranty
  • Bass is little low

Do you like the listing?

These are the three best earphones under 1500 rupees in India that gives you exceptional sound quality and comfort.

Summary of Best Earphones Under 1500
JBL Endurance Run
Sony MDR-EX155AP
Sennheiser CX 80s

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