Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees in India

Looking for the pair of best earphones under 500 rupees in India? Then you landed on the right article.

Instead of buying roadside cheap earphones why not invest one time and get rid of that cheap quality earphones.

I always prefer to purchase a good pair of earphones and also recommend it to my friends, they listen to me and now they don’t regret my advice at all.

I want you to do the same, here I have listed the five best budget earphones that comes under 500 rupees.

Let’s have a look at…

The Five Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees in India

1. Boat BassHeads 152

Boat Bassheads 152
Boat Bassheads 152 Specification
Cable Length1.2 meters
Frequency Response20 - 20,000 Hz
Driver Size10nm
Impedance16 Ohms

Boat is ruling the budget segment like a king and with so many earphones sold out, I think this one is the best amongst the lineup at the price of Rs.499.

Design and Build

The Boat BassHeads 152 made out of entire plastic but it’s not cheap, this earphone is actually sturdy.

The braided cable starts from the audio jack side is limited to the microphone module, above it, where the two-wire got separated is a rubber plastic.

I like the braided design it has a dual-tone white and black colour finish that gives it a nice look.

Boat BassHeads 152 has an in-ear design that stuck into the ear and does not lose even if you do some jumping or running exercise.

The gold plated 3.5mm audio jack works fine with Android devices and with the mic module you can perform the below task.

  • Double press for the song change
  • Triple press to listen to the previous song
  • Single press to attend the call and reject the call

You can even access the google voice assistant with this mic.

Overall the build quality is robust and the earphone design is convenient for the user.

Sound Quality

Boat BassHeads 152 has a 10mm driver producing a clear and loud sound that pleases your ears.

You can clearly experience the treble and mids of the song accurately.

The bass is a bit on the lower side but is no exception for a non-audiophile user, considering the price point Boat did an excellent job of providing clear sound.

Also, the noise cancellation is good, you will not hear anything once you tuck this pair of earphone in your ear.

My Opinion

The Boat BassHeads 152 is a good choice for the 500 rupees. It has a comfortable In-ear design and the wire is long and sturdy.

The sound quality is no bad either, except the bass thump is low but not invisible. In my opinion, it’s the best earphone for under 500 rupees.

  • Long wire length
  • Excellent vocal clarity
  • Sturdy build and comfortable design
  • 1-year warranty
  • A bit low bass

2. Infinity Zip 20

Infinity Zip 20
Infinity Zip 20 Specification
Cable Length1.2 meters
Frequency Response20 - 20,000 Hz
Driver Size10nm
Impedance16 Ohms

Infinity brand is the subsidiary of popular earphone brand Harman international. This earphone is an affordable accessory that pleases your ears with good sound.

Design and Build

The Infinity Zip 20 in-ear headphones come with a dedicated mic and the entire product is made out of plastic.

The rubber coating is thick from L-shaped 3.5mm audio jack to Inline remote and once the wire got separated for the left and right earpiece the thickness is divided in half.

I strongly urge you to take care of the earphones and make sure it does not get around your knees while traveling through any public transport.

The multi-functional remote works the same as the previous Boat BassHeads 152 and there’s an infinity branding as well.

The ear tips are also soft and do not create any pain while using them for more than two to three hours.

For your convince, the company has given two more different sizes of earcups, small and large, try them if the pre-fitted ear tips do not go well with your ear.

Sound Quality

Infinity Zip 20 comes with the 10nm driver. The sound quality feels balanced when you keep the volume under 60 to 80%.

Increasing volume above 80 might cause you some headache and sometimes the bass feels a bit faded.

If you keep the volume range I showed then you do experience a good sound quality. The vocals are clear, mids and high are balanced and the bass is present as well.

My Opinion

Sound quality is balanced I’d say and under the price of 500 rupees, I think it’s a good product by Harman international offering valuable experience at an affordable price tag.

You can even record videos indoors with the help of this earphone mic and the call clarity is also on par.

  • Good for calling and recording
  • Balanced sound output
  • Comfortable in ears
  • Delicate build

3. Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio Wired Earphone

Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio Wired Earphone
Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio Wired Earphone Specification
Cable Length1.25 meters
Frequency Response20 - 40,000 Hz
Driver Size-
Impedance32 Ohms

Redmi is a name that hits every Indian mind when they hear the word budget. The Redmi HD Audio wired earphone is the best earphone with the extra sauce of bass.

Design and Build

The eardrum constitution is aluminium and the rest of the wire manufacturing done from plastic materials.

The build quality is okay I’d said you better take care of this accessory.

Coming down from the eardrums, there’s an in-line remote with one physical button and a small hole that includes a mic.

The audio jack has a gold plating on it and with that L-shaped design, you can adjust the earphone easily when putting your device in your pocket while plugging the earphones.

Also, the earphones are tangled free means even you can easily solve the earphone puzzle when they got messed up.

The one thing I like to address here is comfort, the earcup design is more slippery and falls out easily from the ear if you shake your head, so if you planning to this for GYM exercise you better avoid this one.

Sound Quality

This redmi earphone has excellent bass in this price range furthermore the 10nm driver inside delivers a loud and clear sound.

If you’re an avid music lover who likes to listen to bass-rich songs then this one for you.

Using this earphone while outdoor you might be causing other ears to bleed as the noise cancellation on this earphone is bad.

And gamers should completely unseen this product.

My Opinion

People who like to have a punchy bass in their song must prefer it and gamers should avoid this item completely.

At the price of Rs.399, I do say this pair of earphones perform well in sound quality but comfort is less.

  • Multi-functional inline remote
  • Tangled free
  • Rich bass
  • Not good for gaming
  • Poor noise cancellation

4. Realme Buds Classic

Realme Buds Classic
Realme Buds Classic Specification
Cable Length1.26 meters
Frequency Response-
Driver Size14.2mm
Impedance32 Ohms

Realme expand their product line up fo swiftly after smartphones and to be honest they do make some interesting accessories that give tough competition to others.

Design and Build

The Realme Buds Classic uses TPU material for the build and it has good elasticity also the wire is resistant to oil so it does not get slimy by any means.

The earphone design looks similar to Apple’s if you painted it white. The earpiece has a little distorted round shape design which fits in the ear comfortably. 

The Realme Buds Classic does not fall from ears even if you run like a flash.

The in-line remote contains one mic and one tactile button. The button is multi-functional and you can change songs, receive and reject calls, or even turn on google assistant by holding the button for a little longer.

The thing I like about this earphone is a cable organizer given in the box, you can easily tie up your earphone properly once you are done using it that way it won’t get messed up.

Sound Quality

Realme Buds Classic encompasses the 14.2mm drivers inside that gives you an exceptional sound quality at the price tag of Rs.399.

The bass has a good thump and the mids and highs are well regulated. You can hear the music instrumental sound clearly and the clarity on vocals is no different.

For the price of Rs.399, this audio quality will surely impress you.

My Opinion

Realme Buds Classic has a good sound quality and is the best earphone in terms of audio experience under the price of 500 rupees.

  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Cable organizer
  • Multi-functional in-line remote
  • Large cable length
  • No dedicated button for volume up & down

5. Boult Audio BassBuds X1

Boult Audio BassBuds X1
Boult Audio BassBuds X1 Specification
Cable Length-
Frequency Response20 - 20,000 Hz
Driver Size10mm

Boult is an Indian company manufacturing audio goods at an affordable price and this one here is cheap yet gives quality.

Design and Build

Boult Audio BassBuds X1 has a stellar look that surely brings the attention of others when you hovering around with friends or in public.

The Red and Black dual-tone colour scheme applied to this earphone enhance the aesthetics of this product.

The Kevlar cable used in earphone is made this earphone easy to solve when this accessory gets tangled.

Moreover, it has an IPX5 rating means the Boult Audio BassBuds X1 is sweat and splash-proof.

The in-ear design is the most comfortable and with the curved ring on top of it, this pair of earphone does not fall from your ears while running or doing exercise.

The microphone is given in the in-line remote so you can talk to your loved ones for hours.

Sound Quality

The noise cancellation done at this price tag is remarkable, you can not hear anything from your surrounding while you enjoying your favorite shows or music.

The sound quality is really impressive, the bass is extra just like the name suggests.

Don’t worry the other levels of sound is also seem to be well-balanced.

Under price sub of 399 rupees, this audio quality is satisfactory.

My Opinion

Boult Audio BassBuds X1 gives an immersive sound quality. This pair of earphone is good for voice calls, exercise, and also for bass lovers.

Price just at Rs.399, the build is of quality and the comfort at its best.

  • Gold plated 3.5mm audio jack
  • In-ear style design
  • Comfortable
  • Extra bass
  • Lack of dedicated volume buttons

This is the list of best earphones under 5000 rupees in India.

List of Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees in India
1Boat Bassheads 152
2Infinity Zip 20
3Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio Wired Earphone
4Realme Buds Classic
5Boult Audio BassBuds X1

I hope you find the correct one for yourself and even if you have doubts or questions do prefer dropping them into comments.

Thank you for reading this blog post, have a great day ahead.

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