5 Best Fitness Watch At Affordable Price In India 2020

The best fitness watch. New technology is getting better day by day, so you are.

In the fast-moving lifestyle, you can’t handle multiple things at once. Fitness is one of them but the workload doesn’t allow for this or you may be lazy.

Instead of watching hundreds of videos on how to lose weight or what kind of exercise you do and then end up doing nothing, Go get the best fitness watch for yourself, but wait. Read this.

Fitbit company in the last quarter of 2019 released one report. Inside the report, they drafted that India is the 2nd country to not get enough sleep after Japan.

For more, Fitbit also concludes that India is the least active country which means lazy, and this is not a good sign.

Having a fitness watch on your hand keeps you aware that you should maintain your health.

Here I have listed 5 best fitness tracker watch for you which you can try and boost yourself up.

5 Best Fitness Watch For Woman And Man

1). Realme Fitness Band



Features-Color Display
-Heart Rates
-USB Direct Charge
-Fitness Modes
-Realme Link Smart App
-Multiple Watch Faces
Screen Size0.96” AMOLED touch screen
Water ProofYes
Battery Backup6 Days
ColorsBlack, Yellow, Green
Price₹ 1,499.00

The realme band is a new addition in its product line. Specific design for maintaining fitness.

With 0.96 inches color display it can reflect more than 65000 colors. The design of the band is so beautiful, especially in yellow color.

Realme band is available in 3 colors which are black, yellow and green. Yellow is the most catchy color.

You can customize the display screen with 5 different dial faces. Set what you like.

The band is very cost-effective, Realme always come up with an aggressive price for their products. Realme Band cost only 1,499 rupees.

the band carries 9 sport modes. which include the following:

  1. Yoga
  2. Run
  3. Spinning
  4. Cricket
  5. Walk
  6. Fitness
  7. Hiking
  8. Climbing
  9. Bike

The band is water-resistant. Realme band consists of a real-time heart rate monitor that works PPG(Photoplethysmography) sensor.

The fitness band has also a sleep quality monitor and reminds you to take water between certain breaks.

The 3 axis accelerometer sensor works smoothly, just lift your wrist toward your head to see, it will automatically turn on.

To keep updated with social media, the smart notification does all work for you. If you away from the phone it will give you pop up on the band.

You can even accept and reject calls. The realme link app connectivity is super awesome. Just download the app and monitor any realme device you have.

The realme band is also lightweight that contains only 20g of weight due to its simple and primal design.

The band is almost fit for everyone the band material is made from a polymer material.

The reason to top this band is, its charging style, you don’t have to carry any special charger. It can be charged by your normal charger as well. Just plugin the band into the charger and leave it up to 2 hours.

Battery long lasts for 9 days if the heart rate monitor is off. If you turn it on it will be long for 6 days, and that’s enough because Sunday is a cheat day.

Realme band is the best fitness watch under 2000 rupees in India. Strongly recommended because of price and specs.

2). MI Smart Band 4



Features-Color AMOLED Display
-Heart Rates
-Fitness Modes
-Multiple Watch Faces
Screen Size1.09” AMOLED touch screen
Water ProofYes
Battery Backup20 Days With One Single Charge
ColorsIt's versatile, you can change bands with different colors
Price₹ 2,299.00

MI brings a new one or big sibling of band 3 but colorful. This one has a large screen among all of these. 1.09 inches which almost 2.7 cm which means you can see a more clear visual on the screen.

You can access your music panel to change songs during your exercise which motivates you.

Mi band 4 is water-resistant up to 50 m. You can track your swimming exercise.

The heart rate feature helps you on alert when the heart rate goes high. Heart rate feature works 24/7.

You have also so many options to change band display experience. You can choose various photos to set them on the band display.

With MI band 4 on your wrist, you can access calls, deny calls. You’ll also get notified when new notification up from any of your social media, so you never miss an update from the world.

The main feature is, the gadget is versatile. You can easily pull out the display part and change the band if you have them.

This one is a good fitness band under the price of 3000.

For your best fitness band also checkout your best phone under 2000.

3). Honor Band 5



Features-AMOLED Display
-SpO2 Monitor For Everyone
-Smart Music & Volume Controls
-Heart Rate
-Smart Assistant
-10 Distinct Fitness Modes
-Multiple Watch Faces
Screen Size0.95” AMOLED touch screen
Water ProofYes
Battery Backup14 Days With One Single Charge
ColorsCoral Pink, Meteorite Black, Midnight Navy, Olive Green
Price₹ 2,299.00

Honor band 5 is one of the finest fitness band in terms of looks and underprice the price of 3000 in India.

0.95-inch display size which is big. The display AMOLED so you get colorful experience with the interface.

The belt design is so comfortable that you can adjust the belt according to your size.

The home button is placed below the screen with a very large area where you can access easily. Also, the display is covered with 2.5D glass to protect your display from fingerprint scratches.

Honor Band 5 has some additional features. You can control music from your honor band 5.

In Honor band 5, Swim stroke recognition is advance features. The built-in six-axis sensor automatically recognizes the four main swim strokes(freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, and backstroke), records swimming speed, distance, calories and calculates the SWOLF score 1.

The band is waterproof it can resist the water up to 50 m.

SpO2 feature is also a very useful feature you must provide attention to it. What it does is, It tracks oxygen level inside your blood.

In high-intensity workout time, you can easily assess how much oxygen pumping in your bloodstream.

Just like others this one has true sleep features provided by Huawei, and remember sleep is necessary.

Cutting edge TruSeen 3.0 heart rate monitor utilizing AI-driven algorithms, for high-precision readings. Infrared technology for continuous, non-disruptive heart rate monitoring at night.

If you don’t like the UI of the default system they provide multiple watch faces so you can choose your favorite.

After the muzili fitness band, this one is the 2nd one with the highest distinct fitness mode. It carries 10 fitness mode to track your exercise.

The honor brand always provides great feature accessibility. It has 4 stylish color variant and this band is the best fitness watch for impression, for a price, and for unisex use.

4). Muzili Fitness Band



Features-Sleep Monitor
-Remote Photography
-Sedentary Reminder
-Heart Rate Monitor
-Call and Message Notification
-Stopwatch Function
Screen Size0.96 Inch
Water ProofYes
Battery Backup7-10 days by charging 1-2 hours
ColorsBlack, Blue, Purple
Price₹ 1,799.00

Muzili fitness band activity tracker is one of the cheapest fitness watch in the entire list.

Muzili fitness watch is waterproof with an IP68 rating. Even if you sweat by doing an extreme level of exercise or drop water on watch, the gadget will be still secure.

The fitness watch is available for both men and women. A feature packs smart tracker under 2000 rupees.

Muzili records your daily activity, steps count, and burn calories. It tracks your heard bit rate as well.

This pro fitness watch carries 14 exercise mode which includes the following:

  1. Walking
  2. Running
  3. Cycling
  4. Hike
  5. Mountaineering
  6. Badminton
  7. Fitness
  8. Treadmill
  9. Dynamic Cycling
  10. Yoga
  11. Basketball
  12. Football
  13. Tennis
  14. Dancing

I noticed most of the people join GYM but not dedicated. So buy this one and start doing at this home. Plenty of exercises to begin your day is a good cause.

The heart rate monitor system is very accurate.

Advanced HR sensor for precise and effective heart rate monitoring, watch your heart rate all day with graphing in the app.

It means that you can know your heart rate while rest and work out. This fitness wristband can record your every pulsation.

The stopwatch is also avaiable inside the fitness watch. stopwatch helps you to counter the duration of your cardio.

Sleep is so much important for the human body. The Muzili fitness watch provides set up to 10 alarms.

For more the fitness watch also deep sleep, light sleep and awake hours of the day so you can better manage your sleep.

Great integrity of reminder and wider compatibility. It vibrates when a call or message appears on your device. Just installed the “VeryFitPro” app to get connected.

The battery capacity is good enough. The fitness band has an in-built USB charger and it takes 1-2 hours of charging to run for long last a week or more.

At this price range, this is the best fitness watch for men and women under 2000 rupees.

5). MI Band 3



Features-Large OLED Touch Screen
-Instant notifications
-24/7 Heart rate monitoring
-Real-time activity tracking
-Monitor sleep quality
Screen Size0.78” OLED touch screen
Water ProofYes
Battery BackupVaries On Usage
Price₹ 1,599.00

This one is really cost-effective and the best fitness band watch avaiable for both men and women under 2000.

One of the great models of fitness band loved by so many people on E-commerce as well as in traditional.

Mi band 3 has a great build structure and very comfortable for anybody.

Xioami was the first company to bring a fitness band in India. Started with indicators and now great wearable on the wrist to track your health.

0.78 inch OLED touchscreen to view visual of the device and interact yourself with engaging facilities.

MI band 3 has a round shape finish more like an elliptical shape which looks classy when you wear it.

The strap is made of thermoplastic elastomer material that allows for a more comfortable fit for any wrist size.

The material is skin-friendly, making it comfortable & easy to wear.

The little display also carries the home button to redirect home when you use any other feature. Just press and hold and you will redirect to the home screen.

MI Band 3 provides a 24×7 heart rate monitor sensor. It measures heart rate very accurately.

Use the Mi-Fit app to set customized daily goals based on your needs, choose an exercise that works for you and regularly check your progress, view sleep data, and much more.

The battery life is a bit very if you use automatic heart rate monitor it long lasts for 3-9 days. If you close it then it will run up to 19-20 days.

The best fitness watch for everyone at an affordable price in India.

Wind-Up All The Best Fitness Watch

Realme Band
MI Smart Band 4
Honor Band 5
Muzili Fitness Band
MI Band 3

The list you see is based on the best price and specification. If you’re too lazy and just starting out, go with the realme band.

Whatever band you purchase the similar feature are avaiable in all fitness watches.

Features like heart rate monitor, steps count, sleep counter, etc. where they differ are display size, sports activity options like Mozili has highest among all of these.

You just have to figure out the budget, Choose Mozili or Realme Band if you can afford less than 2000. Because Realme and Mozili are the best fitness watch under 2000 rupees.

If you can spend up to 2500 to 3000, Honor Band 5 is the wisest choice you ever made. Let me know if you using anyone of this already.

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