Best free video editor apps for android are difficult to choose on google app store because there were hundreds of software now avaiable for video editing. Since the video industry is going big and even people are getting more attracted to youtube and other video contents. people who have a low budget can not afford the PC or laptop for themselves. Well, you probably looking for some best video editor apps for android free. Let me tell you one thing. the list I made here has premium purchase as well if you really want to dedicate in the video industry try to save some money and buy premiums of the app instead of using MOD APKs.

The list of video editing apps on Android you see here can help you to create stunning videos with trimming, applying visuals, putting smooth transition, including music and more.

Some of the video editors also help to create 1:1 ratio videos. the 1:1 ratio is most widely used for Instagram videos. with the help of this video editing software on android, you can make funny Instagram memes with less time. You can even be creating your own developed content like other people who deliver social messages to society.

Lets directly dive into it. Here I have listed the best free video editing app for android.

Best Free Video Editor Apps For Android

1). KineMaster – Video Editor

kinemaster video editor app

This one is my fav of all time. You can do more things with it. There is only one problem with this software some of the low-end devices do not have the support of the chroma key.

What is Chroma Key?

Chroma key helps you to change the background of the video which shot with a green screen behind.


Back to the Kinemaster

The Apps do have extra features like you can drag elements if you want to put them in a different order. You can even move them upside down. In Image, you can get a better idea about which element you can drag.

Apart from this, the video editor has an easy user interface to understand. You can play with cool features of texting and even apply transition effects on them. You can choose a different font and apply some diting on the text as well.

A Watch type control has the best arrangement to navigate the finest elements you want to use. The video editor provides excellent export property up to 4K resolution.

Note: If you shoot video 720p make sure to export in 720p with different bitrate. If you export the 720p project in 1080p instead. then you lose lots of pixels and waste your time.

Kinemaster Gives a bunch of audio samples to create basic videos. You can apply fade in fade out effect between videos to create transitions between 2 clips.

If you have some tools like a mic. A cheaper one. you can extract audio files of video and delete it and apply your own clear tuned voice. In short VoiceOver.

You can play edited videos without exporting the final result. find every single detail you missed from your video editing.

2). Filmora – Free Video Editor

filmora video editor

Filmora is the most remarkable android video editor software. The app has so many features to use. This video editor is a special choice of YouTubers. Edit your informative videos easily with the app.

The app provides tremendous features to enhance the color code of your video. you can set color brightness, increase-decrease their saturation.

If you ask me for a suggestion that which one you can start with? the answer is simple, filmora.

Filmora provides add individual clips and trim in advance. With this, you can trim unnecessary parts of the video. You can add one by one clip in order to make one complete video.

After adding videos you can add a transition between each and every clip. The most addictive feature is that each individual clip can be edited while you doing the whole project. you can switch clips easily.

filmora video editor app

You can crop videos, add subtitles, overlay the image. Overlay means that you can add image on videos with transition effect and you can set a timer of that pic in editing so it appears when you want and disappears when a time limit is over. you can also overlay video.

If you dont want to show your face and want to create content with voice over this video editor app is for you. Add clips and then start voice ever with each clip.

The audio mixer is a great EQ type feature to enhance your audio is clear and noise-free. I recommend earphones while using this feature.

Assume that your video is story content and you want to add subs the text feature you can use to add subtitles.

Filmora has paid effects, audio, and other stuff as well. You can make in-app purchases also there is some free stuff you can add.

Filmora overall is the complete package. What I dont like about the filmora is some time, in the beginning, it loses pixels of video. So make sure to shoot every video in one format.

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3). PowerDirector – Video Editor App

PowerDirector Best free Video Editor Apps For Android

My first software that is I used to edit movie trailers. It sounds crazy but I was 16 years old at that time. So literary no idea what to do. After the updates, Cyberlink always improved that software.

PowerDirector offers resolution with icons whenever you create new videos. like 16;9 for youtube and 1:1 for Instagram.

PowerDirector provides awesome value to its users. The interface of the PowerDirector video editor is looking so blank and empty but if willing to learn what is inside this treasure you get addicted and your creativity level can be extremely in mobile video editing.

Let me tell you why this video editor is so amazing. The maker of PowerDirector provides you tutorial series to understand how to use it. You can even use a green screen effect in your had.

From beginner to advance they have all videos. If you are willing to learn they are the best teacher.

In this video editor app, you can add multiple clips to compile and make one single video. It was super easy to trip video in the power director. the reason it’s below filmora is that price. PowerDirector quarterly price is comparatively high if you compare it to filmora in terms of time duration.

FX option enables to add visual to videos to make more interesting. Audio Mixing is EQ, why I am repeating this. Because audio output matters when someone watches your videos the only thing is music that the user can feel.

The common features of every video editor are adding text, adding images, some of them provide sticker as well like PowerDirector.

An in-app purchase of the PowerDirector video editor can be overpriced but if you watch the tutorial and then buy for 3 months you can learn so much more.

Note: I know that the watermark is avaiable in every video editor. The reason behind to purchase is that whenever you invest in something you always stick with it and get something back until you are done with it. So be creative.

PowerDirector is the best video editor app for android.

4). Inshot – Video Editor And Video Maker

inshot portrait video editor

Inshot is the portrait video editor. This video editor can be great to edit tik tok videos. Well, tiktok has gained more popularity in India. You can edit your videos in Inshot if you are not satisfied with the tiktok editor.

The reason this editing app gained more rating on google play because most people love to create image video or slideshow content to share memories with each other.

The basic function of this app is trimming, cutting and split the video into many parts to play around with your creativity.

Compile the multiple videos at one time and convert into something amazing. Merger your video and create what you want.

You can use any video ratio. Now saying honestly you most probably share on Instagram and facebook because no one gonna share these videos anywhere else other than I Mentioned.

As I said above 1:1 is for Instagram and Facebook as well. You can even edit video for IGTV.

Enhance your color code of video with filter and adjustment features. If you love to shoot vlog then this video editor is for you. because this video editor gives you a glitch effect to enhance the experience of a vlog.

The app has some basic features like add music to the video, control the speed of the video and crop the video so on. In extra you’ll get stickers to add, you can add text. Besides this, you can rotate the videos by 90 degrees.

Inshot is for real content creators. Just use edit and share the creativity with the audience.

5). Quik – GoPro Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music


This facility provided by famous company GoPro which provides a massive video quality camera. You may hear of the GoPro Hero series. This app is so colorful. If you are one of those who makes image compilation in the video from then you going to addicted to this one.

Quik allows you to add up to 75 photos to convert into videos. you can select from 23 themes that have their own transition effect to impress you.

You can customize the video by adding text, emojis. You can control your video speed and make it in slow-mo as well. Also, this video editor provides different resolutions, especially for portrait videos.

You can apply any sound format to your video. The Quik provides videos export capacity at 60 FPS with a resolution of 1080p and 720p.


  • Understanding the user interface of any of this can be annoying at first but believe me, if you invest some time to learn this software. You tell your self “It was so easy”.
  • Use youtube to understand how to use any of this software.
  • In my personal opinion and use here what I’ve found. If you have a story and make videos on it use Kinemaster. If you love vlog or creating content on tiktok then go for Inshot.

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