Best Practical Guide On How To Improve In PUBG Mobile

Tencent product PUBG Mobile is booming mobile gaming to help gamers grow. To grow you must know how to improve in pubg mobile.

The battle royale game is played by most of the players in the world. A PC concept drafted in mobile to outreach the maximum potential of the game.

As a result of potential, you may hear about big tournaments like PMCO(PUBG Mobile Club Open), PMSC(PUBG Mobile Star Challenge). PMAS(PUBG Mobile All-Stars) and upcoming PMPL(PUBG Mobile Pro League).

5 million dollar prize pool in 2020

At the end of 2019, PUBG Co-operation announces a 5 Million dollar prize pool for 2020. This is a real big deal.

For now, I am just boosting up your interset. you have a chance for the next upcoming big events to showcase your gaming at a big level.

I am going to walk you through some of the key points which actually matter to improve your gameplay in PUBG Mobile.

Just keep in mind to don’t skip any of this, I am about to share my experience with key points and analysis of top players that how they came in competitive.

The 3 Musketeers Key To Improve In PUBG Mobile

1). Network


The common problem most players face including me. having a good network is necessary, here’s why?

In-Game, Network performs the first role before the device. Players call it to ping, which is actually a latency network that shows on how much ms our game is processing on the servers.

MS is known as millisecond in PUBG Mobile. The time it takes for the action to travel from the server and back is called Ping.

I used YOU broadband which is good for the speed but terrible service in my area. I also use mobile networks JIO and Vodafone IN.

Vodafone is great among all these. But somehow from Feb 2020 game is not processing well while playing so JIO at least gives me 72 ms.

So, find the best network for yourself. But beware of this.

  • Sometimes game desync even after having 32 ms
  • Make sure the connection is stable
  • Play 2 to 3 TDM and use training ground to check the performance of the network

About my story related to the network. I was at my friend’s house, his having a GTPL connection with 10 Mbps and I started playing the game in TDM.

I was so much amazed. You know why? Because of this entire time I was crying for having no good device. I realized that having a good connection is the first thing.

having better latency in the server gives you better reflex. Next time you see Mortal or any other YouTuber stream make sure to check their effective ping.

2). Device


The reason I am not in a competitive scene. Having a flagship device is a must or device that must render extreme fps capacity.

One of the handful reasons that how to improve in PUBG Mobile. because without mobile how can you improve?

I am using Asus zenfone max pro m2 with snapdragon 660 which is surely not a competitive device. check out our list of the best gaming devices to play PUBG Mobile.

I invited my friend to play one TDM match to check the difference between Oneplus 7 Pro and Asus zenfone Max Pro M2.

Guess what? He said you died too quicky, RIP. By my side, I was doing nades and rotating and switching guns to kill him.

In case if you can not purchase heavy devices I have this suggestion for a better start.

You can purchase 7T in EMI. Otherwise, the redmi note 8 pro and M30s are still good to go device if you have a medium budget.

3). Squad


After all this, you need a good squad. So how you can do it? try any of these to get good players.

  • Use screen record and post videos on Instagram and tag top players so they can find you
  • Visit this PUBG Mobile forum and post threads and chat with other players and give them a trial

Finding players is not easy. But you have to spent time.

  • Join Discord Servers and use their #Find A-Team

In my opinion, keep posting your videos on social media like youtube, Instagram and TikTok.

You Are The Magician In How To Improve In PUBG Mobile


1). Layout

Choose your layout wisely. Learn deeply about how to set up control layout.

2). Graphic Setting

A simple towards your smooth gaming. If your device supports the Extreme frame rate option then use it. set the graphics to smooth, and choose a colorful theme.

Increase the brightness level in graphic setting up to 110-115. Try not to use anti-allies because I found that due to that, the game lags when an enemy approaches.

3). Training Ground

A good field provided by the game. Use it properly.

Most of the time people throwing a grenade at each other and make them fly. Instead of this, do this.

  • Pick up one AR and one DMR. the choice is yours but does not take the same type of weapons like AR and AR.
  • Pick all scope and start the move and shoot without opening a scope.
  • Now switch scope one by one and start shooting.
  • Prefer moving boards to practice.
  • Switch to FPP mode and drive cars on given tracks without losing control.
  • Find uphill with trees in down and practice peak and shoot fastly.
  • Burst tire of the vehicle with quick scope reaction.
  • Use the seat changing button to practice instant fire from the vehicle.

You can do a lot more with the training ground. Figure so many thins on your own to hit the situation in classic and custom to win that winner winner chicken dinner.

Practice Is Necessary


Now you know how to improve in pubg mobile.

But, practice is the most important thing you can do for yourself. There is no myth or tricks you can become a pro in one day.

It takes time and energy. Also, reasoning musketeers are necessary.


At the summing up ground, I want to include that make a move. Many players hesitate to upload their videos on Instagram and not speaking in forums.

If you need it you have to ask. Grind hard, Achieve more.

Any Question Or Comment?