10 Best Productivity Apps You Must Need In 2020

Looks like you’re finding for some of the best productivity apps which can give you better flexibility in work to being more productive. Well, I can help you to choose which one is really working out.

Basically there are hundreds of searches avaiable in google which define download these apps. But the reason is “You literally suck at using those apps after installing it”.

Instead of confusing between those apps. I set these apps in order where you can start the day and finish the day properly by using instruction. Keep in mind that whatever coming next try to follow the app’s usage until 21 days(A health psychology research shows that whatever you do for 21 days will turn into the habit).

I will also help you at the end of this post that how you can actually apply these applications. So bring up your mobile phone and try it.

Without having further details lets straight dive into 10 best productivity apps which can increase your productivity and also how you can achieve health by management by using these apps.

Here is the list of what is upcoming…

  • 10 Productivity Apps
  • How To Use These Productivity Apps Efficiently
  • Use Less & More Output
  • Conclusion

12 Best Productivity Apps

1. Clock

time in alarm cloak

One of the best to start with. Since its 21st century, most people do not get waking up until someone came and wake them up.

Alarm do it for you but I hate that snooze button since I started waking up early. I used to wake up at 8 A.M in the morning and 10 A.M on holidays.

And my parents always get shout at me for not being waking up early because I was about to finish the semester and heading for the responsibility and stuff.

So After failing in 1 subject, I do not have a degree certificate do start with any reputed company. I realize that things asking for change.

I started waking up early, but due to a snooze situation not being changed. But after almost 10 days I started with waking up at 7 A.M then Move to 6 A.M for 2 months straight and from the past two weeks I was waking up at 5.30 A.M.

If you know 5 A.M club you better know what is the benefits & if you don’t know do an easy search on Youtube.


  • Make a Hard Decision
  • Do not set snooze until you disappoint yourself at the beginning
  • Keep in mind when you hear Alarm Just wake up fast wash the face and eyes with Cold Water.

The lucky part is already installed in every phone no other 3rd party installation is required.

2. Samsung Health

Exercise With Samsung Health And Do Meditation

Start your day with exercise to warm up your body. Samsung health is the best fitness app for android. A simple run of 20 min or HIIT(High Intense Interval Training) exercises to get ready your body for the day.

I started using this app in 2018 where I lost 9 and a half kilo weight by following the HIIT program. It took me about more than 4 months because I eat fair enough.

Samsung health useful due to these features

  • Body Calculator – Enter Weight-Height to get BMI
  • Steps count whenever you move with your phone
  • Food Tracker – Enter your food consumption in-app in order to track calories
  • Small workout program by skimble to help you keep fit

If you really seeking to lose weight this app will be your genie. Apart from this, this app helpful for a warm-up and I strongly recommend it based on my experience.

download samsung health

3. Headspace


After the sweating workout it time to clean up, take shower and get to the soft part where you can focus on yourself and on your life goals.

Headspace is a great kind of productive app that provides meditation listen in your ears.

Simply get your earphones or headphones and sit in a straight position.

In December 2019 I get used to this app for almost 20 days.

Why 20 Days? Well, I know the basic process of meditation. So saving space on my device & doing by self from January 2nd, 2020.


  • Install the app from play store
  • Set up the app basics
  • Use 5 min module in-app
  • Find a quiet place in the home
  • put the earphones/headphones
  • Sit in a straight position
  • Listen to what she said in mediation lesson and follow her instruction

The meditation app takes 20 days or however long you want to keep in the phone. Once you know the step of meditation you can remove it from the phone but keep in mind to meditate.

download headspace

4. EverNote


The greatest app developed by Evernote cooperation. A very useful for everybody. You can make a schedule in advance and this what I mostly recommend to do.

After the above apps work done this is time to getting things done in an entire day. With the help of this app, you can make a task or to-do list for each and every day.

Evernote has some great feature listed below which you can use it for many purposes.

  • Task Setup – You can choose templates to set up your week calendar
  • Lots of option avaiable in Templates – choose which suits you according to your work
  • The audio recorder can be useful
  • Attachment – grab your important docs in it
  • Handwriting Feature – Save notes with fingertips
  • Camera – Just hold the phone near the object and it will automatically capture the photo

These are some of the cool features you can use it. The question is How? So here I have your How solved.


  • In the task, writes short work you can achieve in hours. For Ex. Edit Photo in Photo Editing Apps, Finishing Room cleaning, Reading, Watching Photoshop Tutorial, etc
  • Don’t want to use fingers then record in the audio section
  • Save important docs like pdf, docs, XML sheet in the attachment. you can even attach book pdf to read it letter while outside.
  • Create temporary artwork on the handwriting section or make a diagram to make a new strategy.
  • Use a camera automatic capture feature to capture images faster.

Evernote helps to achieve big goals by dividing them into multi pieces and doing one by one. Let’s assume you want to lose weight, Write down meals in text section with time.

As a student, you want to finish the project. figure out how much time you spend on your entire day. list out and set a schedule with a time limit to finish your project.

Download Headspace

5. Boosted


Boosted is a great way to start if you haven’t do anything productive before reading this post. I personally love this app at the beginning. I also tell you about the boring part.

The great part is you can measure how much time did you spend on a particular task. When you done with ever note you put the task in boosted with the different color marks.

Now click on the task and start the timer and start doing your work, once your work is finished stop the time in-app. It will record the time.

For Example, You decided to edit videos for your project or client project. Open the boosted set up project name, start the time, and finish once video editing is done.


  • Once you setup task in Evernote put it in the boosted app as well
  • With the “Project” button start adding task
  • Now start time, when you start the task
  • Once the task is finished, Close the timer
  • It will automatically record the duration

Once you do that for a week you can actually track which hours you most active and which work requires the most time. The data will help you to create more customized time.

Time management will help you to reduce unnecessary hours and investing in productivity hours.

The boring part is you have to turn time on and off manually.

Download boosted

6. Spotify

Spotify Podcasts

Well, this is interesting that Spotify can use it as a productivity app. Wondering How? here is the simple answer.

Spotify is a music streaming service but it also holds valuable audio content known as a podcast. a podcast is basically a person recording its experience of teaching something through audio.

You can hear any podcast you like follow these simple steps and choose podcast which fits in your category.

  • Download Spotify and set it up
  • At below line find “Search” Button
  • Scroll down a little bit until you find “Podcast” Category
  • In Podcast, these are many categories you can start with

Do not get confused with where to start. Just open podcast and start listening.

Podcast basically helps you change your way of thinking, teaches disciple, providing education, by listening to someone else experiences you won’t make their mistakes.

download spotify

7. Mailbox


It is not a specific app. by the meaning of mailbox, any application like Gmail, outlook, email, etc. How can a mailbox is productive? I guess MBA students know better about it.

Mailbox is not a WhatsApp or Facebook where we used to do chit-chats. It a professional social media where you have to elaborate anything in detail.

Read carefully. Mailbox helps you get better skills in writing emails. If you doing something creative and want to learn from successive people, you have to reach their emails.

If you follow somebody in your passion and want their support, you have to show the interset and they did not respond in seconds or hours.

It takes lots of time to get a reply. you have to always send out 1 email with different speech and titles to get noticed in their email box.


  • Do not spam(The same message send multiple times in a day)
  • Tweak the script you write in emails
  • Learn email writing from youtube
  • Use No.8 tool to improve language skill in emails

Before sending out emails to others regarding the problem. First, try to find out the solution on the internet and from your surroundings instead of waiting for their replies.

8. Grammarly


I use this tool from august 2019 and this can help fix your grammar mistake whenever you write a message or document or article for another.

To improve your skills in English this can be very helpful.

This is what you get

  • Spelling mistake correction
  • If the phrase is wrong this tool make it correct
  • Double-tap on the word to get its synonyms(Not all word has synonyms)
  • If you writing an email or script for another an emoji will show you how your text sound
  • Providing an overall score of how your content is written

This tool is very useful. Tool? yes, tool. It is an app but its a more like tool that helps you whether you type a message on your phone or writing something on your phone.

download grammarly

9. Quora


An exciting platform I always love to use in the entire day whether answering a question or reading someone else answers. Quora is a great app you have on your phone.

You can choose which question you can answer and ask the question as well. Where people love to provide answers. I personally had more than 50k views on my answer.

What I noticed in quora by my experience is people love sharing their experiences.

In Quora, you can choose question-based on the interesting when you first install the app. my advice is to give it a try. try to answer 1 question daily, this is a great way to notice between intellectual people.

download quora

10. Loop Habit Tracker

loop habit tracker

Loop habit tracker is best to track the change in habit. it is a very simple app to use. loop habit tracker can show you an entire month chart for each habit you saved.

Why should you use a Habit Tracker

  • Check your changes in a habit
  • List out which habits change the entire month
  • Which habit are personally effective
  • List out a difference on paper how you changed with time using this app

Usually, you can’t remember everything at a time. so download this app add habits you have to change in a month and then try to follow. be honest with yourself do not tick o until you have done it.

Now you know that this app can increase productivity. the problem is still how. I am 100 % sure that you never gonna install these 10 apps on your phone. But how about reading further.

I walk you down through some important advice and point that makes you ensure which one to use as per your requirement.

download loop habit tracker

How To Use These Apps Effectively

Apply apps effectively

Let’s start at the beginning of your day. About waking up, you also not gonna wake up so early so cloak is inbuilt no need for any other app. give your fingers some movement and set alarm for early morning.

Then a little workout to boost you up for the day. Samsung health is to just make you sure that how many calories you burned in the morning. otherwise, jogging and plenty of cardio exercise for 20 mins in the morning is enough.

Samsung health is not compulsory it depends on you if you are willing to lose or gain weight with productivity.

Next is the list. the list keeps your mind clear and reduces time on confusion about what you are going to do. so Evernote is compulsory I personally used it.

Moving to the podcast scene. See listening podcast every day isn’t necessary. you can even hear podcasts while traveling or in your free time. The reason to list Spotify is they have good quality podcasts.

Podcast develops speaking skills by listening to others, learning something new, a better way of living and change in personality. It’s up to you to change your personality or not.

About Quora, Grammarly, and Loop Tracker. Quora is a great platform to showcase what you now in detail. Use Grammarly when your English is poor. Just like me.

I strongly urge to use a loop tracker at least for 1 month and noticed the change.

Basic Idea For Which App to Use & Why

  • Cloak – waking up early
  • Exercise is good for health
  • Evernote – Dividing Pizza into pieces is more convenient to eat so is your work
  • Learn – Hearing knowledge from successful people is always a time saver(Podcast)
  • Measure – Tracking your day gives you own analysis were to improve(Boosted & Loop Habit Tracker)
  • Build – Having a stronger base means stronger architecture(Mail, Quora)

Once you start using these apps you get a better idea which one to use at which time.

Less Input With More Output – Apps In Action

less input more output

I have this quote for you. “Luck required for those who did not prepare”. Waking up early means you have extra time than others. So use it. set your clock at 6 and then reduce it to 5.

Get boosted and list out the day in EverNote. Do not delay your work to helping others in unnecessary work.

If you did not find a solution on sources do email outreach to get a solution.

Optimize your time once you get results from the app. keep in mind to follow the apps to get a report of your own.


Being more productive is always turn out in profit. Once you started it you get better at it. Complication run between every person the challenge is to beat complication with easy solutions.

Apps show you a path only if you strongly willing to. Once you get used to it. It is up to you that you can keep all the things under your control. Try for 21 days and do not take a break not even on Sundays.

Keep smiling, keep grinding. Have a question or suggestion for edit? comment box is open for all.

Summary of 10 best productivity apps

Samsung Health
Loop Habit Tracker

Any Question Or Comment?