How To Use Google Pay

Learn, how to use google pay app. Google pay is one of the best agents to transfer money with safety. It will be more trustworthy than others after all its “google”. The app developed by Google for making payment transactions easy. With Google pay, you can earn as well and reward by transaction you made. In this article, you will learn how to use google pay step by step with the definitive guide and images. Google made it easier to transfer money with some easy clicks.

Points including for How to Use Google Pay

  • How to get started with app
  • Add bank account in App
  • How to earn
  • How to transfer money using google play if the receiver doesn’t have a google pay
  • How to get rewarded with transaction
  • how to use in Amazon

Learn Google Pay App


Enter your mobile number. Use only that number which is associated with the bank. The primary number where you get your all bank messages.

phone number in google pay



Use the primary email address that will attach to your phone number.

Add email in google pay



An OTP will receive on your mobile if you inserted that sim in that mobile which you using your google pay. The application will automatically detect the OTP. so sit back and relax.

verify OTP



Enter the screen lock for security reasons. The app will ask you whether you want a screen lock or google pay 4 pin digit code as your security. You can choose any option.

Alright, you have completed the 1st procedure to setup for google pay. Now let’s see how to add a bank account to your google pay.

How to Add Bank Account in G Pay


From the top left sidebar click on add account. refer to the image if you do not understand. click on add accounts.

Add bank account in google pay


Click on “Add Bank Account“. Now it will show you the list of bank accounts avaiable in the country. Find your bank and click on it.


Now it will be shown a pop-up window. Where your number will be displayed and click on Ok. Now it will find your bank account by itself. And start fetching details to google pay.

Congratulations, you added the bank account to your G pay app. Now let’s see how can you earn with google pay app.

How to earn


You can earn 51 rupees per referral. Here’s how. Follow the image, when you see the dashboard of google pay and scroll it a little bit down you see an option like “Invite A Friend“. Click on it

Earn with google pay



The link will be automatically generated. Once you send your friend ask to download an app from that link.


Ask them to use your referral code. Once they made their 1st transaction you will get 51 rs from google.

Bonus Tip

Once the above procedure is done. Ask your friend to send 10 rs to you and then send back their 10 rs once the transaction is done you will get 51 Rs. The more you refer more you earn.

Example: If you refer to 10 people which means 10 x 51 = 510 Rs

How to send money


Use Tez mode. Suppose you want to transfer money to your friends’ accounts. And your friend also has google pay. Simple use a big white button for instant transfer.


Now you are paying, pull down the white button upper side as per image. and your friend is received so tell him to drag downside.


Now you see in radar your friends are visible click on it and transfer money.

Note: Whenever you add a bank account there is a 4 digit or 6 digit code you have to remember. When you transact money to someone it requires that code.

Amazing, now you learn how to use Tez mode transfer in-app. let’s see if someone didn’t have google pay what can you do.

Transfer Money if Reciever doesn’t have Google Pay

let’s guess you need to transfer money urgently and the receiver doesn’t have their account on Gpay. How would you transfer to their account?

Follow these steps:


Ask your receiver to send their Account Number, IFSC Code and their name.


Open google pay. From the dashboard click on the “new” button.



In the new window click on”Bank Transfer“. fill out the details you got in step 1.

bank tranfer


Enter your security code and transfer the money with simple steps.

How to get rewarded with a scratch coupon


In the offer section there a one offer that gives you a scratch card, “if you transact more than 500 Rs you will get a scratch card and when you scratch it you will earn little of an amount of money”.

Important: You did not win every time sometimes you scratch it will show “better luck next time”. but don’t lose hope always wish for great rewards.

Use bonus offers: In the offer section, there is a lot offer come up with benefits like a discount on OLA, OYO rooms, Also on MI phones, etc. Read about the offer of how it will benefit and then use them.

How to use Google Pay with Amazon

Well if you wondering how you can use this app with amazon, here is a guide. well please understand use it with amazon or not doesn’t make any sense but if you never ever created UPI in your entire life G Pay does for you.

here’s how? When you created an account with G pay it will be automatically created a UPI id of your account.

Amazon Pay

Enthusiastic about shopping and want to add easy money to amazon pay. Well, G-Pay does for you with UPI.

Check out this article of best mobile under 15000 you also purchased them with google pay.


Enter the amount you want to add in amazon pay.


Choose the payment method through UPI.


entre Google Pay UPI ID. a pop-up will be shown in the notification bar click on it and make the payment. Balance showed in amazon pay.

UPI (Unified Payment Interface)

Google pay UPI can be used at multiple places like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. You can even transfer to money with UPI id.

Example: Your friend created his UPI id on BHIM UPI or Paytm UPI and you want to transfer to them. Simply aks their UPI id and put in google play and transfer with some easy clicks.

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