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Jio announced its new plans which released on the 5th of Septemeber 2019. Jio is now leading sim providers in India and beating the competition to Vodafone, Idea, and airtel. Jio has a huge customer base of 332 million. Jio provides more facilities at less price. Jio has a wide range of plans in prepaid packs where you have many benefits in other jio applications like jio tv, jiosaavn music, jio cloud and more.


Plans And Recharge Offers in Jio:

Jio delivers you best in the price range with different amounts of data per day. but the limits of SMS are ideal in most of the packs. here you can find the range of recharge reliance jio gives you. Before going to deep, the thing which should be talking about is Network connections. many people receive that they have poor jio connection. here the problem is not with jio if your area does not have coverage or network towers in your area it might conflict to your network speed. In some cases, if multiple users are active on the same network server the speed starts to divide into people which also the reason for poor connectivity. but jio installs its tower for the best connectivity in the future we hope.

Recharge Option:

There are many ways to recharge for your jio prepaid but I suggest you use the Myjio app. The reason is you get 50 rs off on any recharge you do more than 150 rs. if you are doing jio recharge less than 150 the voucher you have you can not use. But most people use 3 months plan and get 50 rs off. it’s not like paytm where you can get 50 rs cashback, in myjio app, the application automatically minus 50 rs from the total amount of bill.

Plans-Cricket pack-4G data voucher-Jio Phone Recharge-ISD-International Roaming

In Myjio App when you click on recharge these options are available. you have to choose which plans you want to use. plans are explaining with the related amount of knowledge you need to before doing recharge below.


It offers exclusive 84 and 90 days package to jio prime customers. the plans have an in-depth range of recharge amount.

Example:1.5 GB/Day,(1699 Rs for recharge-use for 365 Day-use total or more than 500 gb+ data)

just like above you have an option for Rs 449, 399, 349, 149. what is the difference between the price, the difference is the usage of validity. the less you pay the less is validity.when you choose anyone of this plan on my jio app it redirects to payment where you see total payment for your bill at the top. At just below the price in bill click on “Apply Discount Voucher” click on apply. A pop-up window is shown select on 50 rs and you are ready to pay.

Cricket Pack:

The offer made by jio for cricket fans. on cricket pack, you have only one plan to choose which cost Rs 251 and the validity consists of 51 days and 102GB data. you can use this data on jio tv application which is another application of Reliance jio.

4G Data Voucher:

This is the most useful pack for all jio users now this is an additional pack as well. The pack offers you 4 different plans based on your currently active plans. In simple language If you recharge for 1.5 GB/Day plan, it means you can use 1,5GB in one day. Suppose you are running out of data and you need extra data for usage simply go no recharge click on 4G DATA VOUCHER tab and you can find plans like below:


Now, this is an all add on a plan which means if you purchase one of these it will automatically add to your account as extra data. If you exhausted or use all your active data only after that this data will be used. make it simple for you, you used 1.5 GB entire data, you need extra data, you add this data, let’s suppose that you purchase 51 Rs plan and 3 GB add to your account and you are using 1 GB of that only. Now on the 2nd day, your daily data will be restored of 1.5 GB but your 2 GB data still exist till your main plan expires. and that data only used when you exhausted main data.

Jio Phone:

jio phone

the jio phone has is own plan and only 3 plans are available and validity is the same 28 days. to use this plan user must have a jio sim card inside the jio phone. The other long term plans for jio phone has very costly but the validity is more up to 168 days and the lowest one is 84 days.


International subscriber dialing is the full form of ISD. This service provides international calling over other countries. This means you can contact the person who is outside of India. for that, you have to do recharge from the network service provider. Jio offers you 50p/min which is extremely cheap than others.

Top-UP Recharge:

Top-up is a basic recharge where you can go to the seller, Ask for Recharge, And getting the amount of money in your account. In the previous case network provider gives you less money than you pay at the shop due to taxes and stuff. Jio has a large range of top-up recharges where you can do Rs 100 to 5000 Rs recharge. And whatever you pay the exact amount will be credited to your account. But why do top-ups instead of 3-month recharge is way better?

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