Oneplus 7T Android 11 BETA – How To Install and My Review

Oneplus release the OxygenOS 11 update for the Oneplus 7T and 7T Pro. Since I own 7T I’ve thought of giving it a try.

The Oneplus 7T Android 11 BETA update is rolled out on 22nd January 2021.

In this blog post, I will be sharing my experience with the Oneplus 7T Android 11 Beta and walk you through how you can install it and how to revert back to the official OS after the experience.

So let’s begin straight away…

How to Download and Install OxygenOS 11 on Oneplus Device

Follow the step-by-step guide on how to install Oneplus 7T Android 11 Beta update.

Caution before doing this:

  • Make sure you backup your data into your laptop/computer before following the steps ahead
  • Make sure you have battery up above 70-80%
  • One in update mode, do not press any button. Wait for 10-15 minutes

Step-1: Download the update

The size of the update is somewhere around 2.3GB or above:

Keep in mind the link above is for the Indian units. If you’re outside of India follow this link and scroll down a bit to download the update:

Step:2: Rename the file

Once you are done downloading go to the Download folder in the file manager and open the rename box for it.

In Rename, just remove .jar at the end. Follow the screenshots.

How to install oxygen os 11 beta on oneplus 7tRename the OS fileCut the .jar
How to install oxygen os 11 beta on oneplus 7tRename the OS fileCut the .jar

Note: It is an image slider so if you’re on mobile device then place your Thumb on the name given below of an image to see step by step process.

Now once it’s done, take the Zip file out of the download folder and move it to the root directory of the device.

Copy the .Zip FileCopy to Root Directory A.K.A Phone StoragePaste the file
Copy the .Zip FileCopy to Root Directory A.K.A Phone StoragePaste the file

Step:3: Install the OxygenOS 11

Head over to Setting > System Updates, Click on the Setting icon top right corner and there is an option called Local Upgrade.

Click on that option and now you can see a file there, click on it and it shows a pop-up window and you have to press on Ok.

Click on the system optionFind System UpdatesClick on setting iconupgradeInstall Now
Open "System" in SettingsFind System UpdatesClick on setting iconLocal UpgradeInstall Now

Once this done wait until the package unloads, and after it fills up to 100% click on Reboot Now.

Now just sit back and relax for a while.

Oneplus 7T Android 11 BETA Review

Alright, the review begins from here.

Styles, Display, and Layout

One of my favorite features is that new clock style. And the Time-Frame moves as time passes.

New clock style

In the above image, you can notice the colours of the fingerprint is also missing, I tried all types of different animation provided in the setting but it remains white, now since it’s a BETA update I can’t complain much.

That colour will be surely available in the original stable update.

The display colours look washed out even though the mode is Vivid. Now here’s a big confusion: if you turn on the Advance mode from Screen calibration then the colour looks Vivid but in Vivid mode, they look washed out.

One thing I noticed in the display is that 90Hz feels way smoother. After switching from the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 I can easily differentiate between the 60 and 90Hz and the 90Hz on BETA update feels way smoother than stable Android 10.

What I wish to see is smart refresh rate management like Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra. I guess it’s good for the battery.

What I mean if we are not using the phone, then it should be automatically lower down the refresh rate and wherever require it increase the refresh rate.

Brightness detecting sensor does not seem to work well with the BETA software. Compare to stable Android 10 it takes way too much time to settle brightness level according to the environment.

Setting layout is changed a bit, they created a container and provide a little spacing so the user can understand the options easily.

Change in setting layout

Drop-Down Notification

Drop-down notification has a bunch of improvements and the one I like is easy switch between “Dark Mode & Normal Mode”.

Easy switch for dark mode

Once you installed the Oneplus 7T Android 11 BETA update the drop-down notification is colorless but you can fill in your favorite colour from the settings.

Thus icon (≡) is missing from the drop-down notification. What it does is, cleans entire notifications in just one click in BETA update I have to swipe each and every notification to clear the bar.

The data usage warning is new here. These days we used 4G plans and have 1GB/day data to use. The mobile data use can be monitored straight from the drop-down notification.

You don’t have to open the provider app and need to check every time.

Also if you use two SIM cards with internet service on, and willing to switch to a second SIM for data use then the data counter will be switched too.

I like that feature.

Issue I found is that my music application keeps running in the background even if I am done listening music and removed it from the recent. In order to turn it off, I have to do it manually which is a bummer.

I wish Oneplus should release their own Music application like Samsung.


As an Oneplus user, you might know about the charging animation that appears when you plugged their official charger.

The charging animation is the same, but what’s up with that ticky sound it’s completely boring, the sound in Android 10 stable is much better and gives a real feel of technology.

What is this charging tone

The edge lighting concept is here, I see this feature from my eyes in Samsung Galaxy A50s, and having it on the Oneplus device was out of my thoughts but I really like it.

Now the downsides, I noticed the delay in app opening and it does not happen with the pre-installed apps, I found it on apps that I have installed from the play store.

Wish to fix this in the stable update.

New Interface

The pre-installed application like calculator, message, gallery, clock, and the camera has slightly improved interface and I loved the clock interface, to be honest.

Effect on Performance

As I said apps taking much time but there’s more to it.

I am still missing that google feed which can be accessed by swiping right on the home screen. Because I am used to reading popular headlines and news around techs happening in the world.

The camera is pathetic in the update and needs a hella of improvements. The only good feature is once you click the picture, it can be directly viewed from the camera bottom right.

Now you don’t have to click and open it in order to share it. Just press long and the sharing icon will automatically appear on the camera.

Instant photo share

Also, understanding the new video recording interface is tough, they placed a small box at – first I thought they removed 60fps from 1080p until my friend figures out how to do it.

In Vivo V20 Pro there’s 4K 60fps recording available in the front so I guess it can be done here too, if not then provide 1080p at 60fps.

Night mode is still not available in the selfie.

Poor RAM Management, As I said earlier about the music application keeps running in the background. It’s not just limited to that, the RAM management is actually not good.

They even removed the direct delete button from the message which I liked the most, but it will be back in stable one.

Gaming can be done smoothly but I do notice minor lags and stutters in Shadow Fight Arena. But it happens a few times only.

With the new gaming mode, now you can see the temperature and battery levels of the device and they provided a small toggle bar that can be viewed while gaming either from the left or right side.

You can lock the notification panel while playing battle royales games with a claw finger setup. Also, there’s an option for rewind recording means you can record the last 30 seconds of any game which I don’t find really useful.

Now the Game Recording, this is a real drag. I record one SF: Arena gameplay and it lags like a hell. Needed too much improvement on that.

Alright, we have reached the end and it’s time to summarise what is good and what can be improved in the next Oneplus 7T Android 11 BETA update.

  • New clock style
  • Amazing battery management
  • Smooth display experience
  • New interface of pre-installed apps
  • Vibrant animations
  • One switch for Dark Mode
  • Easy to understand setting layout
Needed Improvement
  • Colour calibration of the display
  • Major developments in camera
  • Improvements in game recording
  • RAM management
  • Google feed
  • Smart refresh rate management

If you’re going to experience the Oneplus 7T Android 11 BETA update then do share your experience with me on my social media Twitter or Instagram.

How to Re-Install Stable OS on Oneplus Devices

Note: Once you downgrade to stable you will lose all your data so if you have any important data in the BETA update make sure to have a backup.

Head over to the Oneplus support software upgrade page, click on the link given below:

Step-1: Select Your Model

  • After heading to the website → click on the model you have
  • Find the “Download” button and click on it

Step-2: Rename the File

Once you are done downloading go to the Download folder in the file manager and open the rename box for it.

In Rename, just remove .jar at the end. Follow the same screenshots given in Step-2 of How to Download and Install Oxygen OS 11 on Oneplus device.

Now once it’s done, take the Zip file out of the download folder and move it to the root directory of the device.

Step-3: Install Stable OxygenOS on Oneplus Device

Follow the step no.4 I’ve show you in the beginning.

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