Oneplus 7T vs Asus Rog 2: Which is Better? Check out complete details

Oneplus and Asus recently launch their phones in the mobile market. Oneplus 7T and Asus Rog 2 have the aggressive price of their own, About the price, both devices have under 40,000 prices. Why this comparison? well, this phone has some similar features with upside-down changes. Oneplus brand constantly improving. Asus making their focus on gameplay.


Asus is well known for its laptop they made amazing laptops for gaming so they want to transfer this capability to mobile games as well. Oneplus is about to change premium smartphone competition with the features they give in an android phone.


Both phones are completely justified their price and performance with their specification. So let’s see the comparison between these 2 which one is worth it and which one is a failure.

OnePlus 7T

The phone is 8.2 mm thin which very good for lightweight experience. the highest screen to body ratio of 20:9. In event representer of design said the back panel is a fingerprint but its not. Mate finish is great.

asus rog 2 gaming phone

Design Of Asus Rog 2

Asus rog 2 has corning gorilla glass 6 protection with aluminum frame. The phone has a bit less screen to body ratio compared to oneplus 7t.

Display of 7T

Oneplus 7T has 90 Hz of refresh rate. The oneplus phone has 6.55 inches of Full HD plus display. The phone gives you an AMOLED display for a better color experience. Oneplus has its Fluid AMOLED display which is similar to Super AMOLED.

Display of Asus Rog 2

The big screen size of 6.59 inches super AMOLED display. Asus Rog 2 has the protection of corning gorilla glass 6. Rog 2 has a refresh rate of 120 HZ. 1ms of pixel response time which is a big deal in the display.

The camera of Oneplus 7T

Oneplus 7T has a triple camera setup. 48 MP of primary camera, 16 MP of ultrawide camera and 12 MP for telephoto images. The best part about the camera of oneplus 7T is that microphotography features just nailed it. Also in video setup, there is a feature called “hyper image stabilization” where you can shoot videos with more stability. The phone has 16 MP of a single selfie camera which is good enough.

Camera of oneplus

The camera of Asus Rog 2

Asus rog 2 has a dual-camera setup of 48MP with a Sony IMX586 flagship sensor and 13 MP of secondary camera. In Asus Rog 2 you can shoot videos at 4k With 60fps. Well compared to Oneplus phone does not have a good camera but not bad as well.


The phone has 24 MP for the selfie camera. which is quite good.

Performance On Oneplus 7T

Oneplus 7T has Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ inside it. This processor is a flagship processor. Snapdragon 855 builds on 7 nm technology. Now understand the more compact processer less power and high efficiency are achieved. 2.96 GHz of CPU power. Adreno 640 at 700MHz for better graphics experience.


Most updated software upgrade. the phone has Android 10 ready inside it and the latest Oxygen OS 10.

Performance on Asus Rog 2

Asus rog 2 has also Qualcomm snapdragon 855+ inside and build on 7 nm tech. 2.96 GHz of CPU speed and Adreno 640 for graphic performance. Asus rog offers 2 UI when you start the phone which defaults stock android or ROG UI which developed by Asus but based on android. Asus Rog 2 still comes up with an android 9 pie.

Gaming on Oneplus 7T

Have you ever experienced pubg on oneplus 7 pro. some of you did some of you not. well, I did. Trust me it was just amazing to play with 90 Hz of refresh rate. You can play heavy games like PUBG, Mortal Combat, Asphalt legends and so on. Oneplus provide uninterrupted gaming. with the fanatic mode, you can set do not disturb so if someone calls it will not appear during games.

Pubg mobile on mobile

Gaming on Asus Rog 2

What do you think about it? the experience on this phone is truly fantastic. with Game genie customize your game with lots of features. Asus rog series stands for gamers as it known for “republic of gamers“. Asus rog 2 has inbuilt Air triggers like L1, R1 so you don’t have to purchase externally. Air triggers can enhance your gaming if you are a claw player.

The battery of Oneplus 7T

With these features, oneplus give only 3800 mAh and that is what the most disappointing part. At least provide 4000 mAh or 4500 mAh. Oneplus 7T has the fastest charging technology in android. The Warp 30T charges your phone with 30 W super fast charging. 0 to 100 % can be charged in 55 mins.

The battery of Asus Rog 2

Asus rog 2 has just nailed the battery life. The phone has 6000 mAh of battery life. According to beebom review, Asus rog 2 has been charge 0 to 100 % in 2 hours. Asus rog does have fast charging which is Quick charge 4.0.

Additional of Oneplus 7T

Both phones are dumb at some level. In Additional to oneplus 7T, the phone has good pixel density than Asus rog. Also, the aspect ratio. oneplus charger is faster than Asus rog 2 and no ports for audio jack so rest in piece audio jack.

Additional of Asus Rog 2

Asus rog 2 has lots of additional features compared to Oneplus 7T. the phone has air triggered. if you have extra money you can purchase extra accessories like an aero active cooler, wigi display dock, Rog kunai gamepad, etc. Asus Rog has an audio jack and a comfortable secondary USB-C port.

Summary, Which one is best?

According to my research and based on phone specification it’s clear to say Asus rog 2 has a lot higher points in it.


  • oneplus 7T win in software for having android 10.

  • Asus rog 2 works better on pie too and has a 120 HZ refresh rate.

  • oneplus 7T having 30 W fast charging but at battery life, it sucks in comparison.

  • Asus rog 2 has 6000 mAh of battery with quick charge 4.0.

  • Oneplus 7T has fluid AMOLED display and high aspect ration.

  • Asus rog 2 has a bit size bigger display but still worth it because oneplus didn’t specify the protection of the display.

  • Oneplus 7T has a triple camera setup which is performed better.

  • Asus Rog 2 is a gaming concentric phone. So no expectation from the camera. Still, you can click good images.

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