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New Oneplus  7T has been launched on the 26th of September, 2019. This phone is basically a center point of Oneplus 7 and 7 pros. It will available on amazon from the 28th of September, 2019 with the set price of 37,999 RS. Also, the Company launches its TV for better and premium experience for users. They also said the TV can compete with other Televisions brands like Sony and Samsung. Because nowadays smartphone companies are drastically improving their product range with different products.

About Oneplus 7T


Oneplus 7T

We will discuss the phone specification in-depth for a better understanding of you. In the feature of Oneplus 7T, we will be discussing its design, display, camera, & performance.


The phone is 8.2 mm thin which very good for lightweight experience. the highest screen to body ratio of 20:9. it covers almost the display and it will be the best screen to body ration in oneplus 7 phones.

Company Said, the back is made of metallic kind of finish or says mate finish. Oneplus mostly used their material which is Matt frosted glass were users get immersive experience for show off.

At the event, the representer for the design of 7T said that the back is fingerprint-resistant. Well MKBHD proves it that here is nothing like that. phone does carry your fingerprint marks on back. checkout his full video.

The phone is available in 2 colors which is Glacier blue, and frosted silver. About the camera setup design, This time oneplus came up with a new design of camera setup. which is pretty good. The mono crystalized diamond drill design which looks fashionable like a new kind of jewelry and stunning experience to the users.

Display of Oneplus 7T

In Oneplus 7 you getting 60 Hz of refresh rate. Paying a bit more gives you a 90 Hz refresh rate. Yes, the company gives you 90 Hz experience at 38,000 Rs. Well I do know that Asus Rog 2 phone has a 120 Hz refresh rate and I do agree on that but using a oneplus device is an extremely different feeling. The phone is just a fast AF.

7t display is 40 ms more responsive than the other oneplus phones. 38 % of more speed to touch response. It’s smooth like never before.

About the type of display, Oneplus 7T build with Fluid Amoled display where you never get rid of color experience. they also introduce new chromatic reading for readers out there like you. So your eyes never get heavy during reading. So yeah Go Paperless.

The camera of Oneplus 7T

The all attraction and hype created for 7T are this. the camera setup. at event Image product manager Zake Zhang explaining their features about this new beast.

Well before you go please not phone does not contain a pop-up camera. About the rear camera setup, the phone has a triple camera setup.

48 MP of the primary camera for wide photography, 2x zoom telephoto and super stable video quality. 12 MP for telephoto and 16 MP for Ultrawide view.

The point out a video stabilization. On the event, they also feature some videos of it. But I don’t feel like that the quality of the video is that, uch good. Stabilization at its best no doubt on it but about the quality, you might get disappointed, But image quality is satisfied.

Well, I guess they might focus on the camera category as they are leading the premium smartphone brand now.


This new beast also set up with the fastest Qualcomm chipset ever till present date which 855 based on 7 nm tech. Oneplus 7T is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+. So no compromise on speed. No lag. extraordinary game experience. The clock speed is 2.96 GHz which is faster.

Snapdragon 855

With this, you also get the support of UFS 3.0 storage. So transfer your data with the fastest speed.

Now the charger, Warp 30T technology of Oneplus is giving you faster charging in compare to any other smartphone. Well, when you purchase it they give charger inside the box. Dolby Atmos support for multimedia.

Also, the phone has a haptic motor for better vibration control while playing games, typing text to someone in WhatsApp or else receiving a notification. The haptic driver will produce natural and satisfying feedback.

Bold News, Phone has set up with the latest Android 10 and improvement in the features of Oxygen OS.

Smart album feature will categorize your photo according to location or how the image looks like. It bit kind of AI.

In Addition to storage capacity, Oneplus gives you 5GB of cloud storage so save you important documents in that cloud.

A work-life balance, a great feature for employees and businessmen. what this feature does is identify the app purpose for its use when you set time for work like 9 to 5 and the only app is shown is work app like email, LinkedIn, Outlook, etc. When the set time is overall social app enables for use. this feature helps you to focus on work so great job done by a oneplus company.

A small feature is text message related, where your message will be categorized as per the purpose. For example, if you travel a lot and you messed up finding your ticked id when the check comes. the phone simply sets the transaction category for you to find that message without wasting your time. When you receive OTP from multiple uses of purpose to identify your verification, the separate OTP category will be created by phone.

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OnePlus 7T (Glacier Blue, 8GB RAM, Fluid AMOLED Display, 128GB Storage, 3800mAH Battery)ir?t=siddharth44 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B07DJHXTLJ

Additional Details From Event

Oneplus is launching its research and development center in Hyderabad. The amount of 1000 crore will be invested in India. Sound amazing right.

Oneplus testing their customer service and now within the time they improving a lot better than any phone brand. The company providing home visit customer service where you get 2 hours of services for your oneplus gadgets. It will be tested in only 1 city of India, Oneplus says, they are increasing their number of cities to 6 within a short amount of time.

Oneplus is now one of the premium smartphone companies in the Top 4 global premium smartphone. Hard work pays it off. Oneplus has 43% of the market share in India also the no.1 premium smartphone of India.

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