OnePlus Buds Z Review – The Best Budget Gear To Show-Off

This is an honest Oneplus Buds Z review of mine which I purchased from Amazon.

Whether it is for the call, GYM exercise, or just for consuming content this accessory is growing hella, and people also willing to spend thousands of bucks.

I was no different from that group of people, I spend Rs.2,999 to buy an Oneplus Buds Z.

Previously I was using Sennheiser CX-275s which was thrown in a dustbin by my mom who didn’t do on a purpose but the only cost I pay is surviving without earphone for straight two weeks.

Anyway, back to the review. Here I shared my honest review with the Oneplus Buds Z.

If your interested in buying then do prefer reading this entire review to make your choice worth it.

Before we dig in let’s have a click look at the specification of Oneplus Buds Z.

OnePlus Buds Z Specification
Design and BuildCapsule Case & Plastic build
BatteryBuds: 40 mAh
Case: 450mAh (Type-C charging)
WeightBuds: 4.35 grams
Case: 40 grams
Bluetooth Version5.0 (10 meter wireless range)
Driver10mm Dynamic Drivers
RatingIP55 (Sweat and Water-Resistant)

OnePlus Buds Z Review In Detail

Thanks to Amazon for delivering the Oneplus buds Z before the promised date.

Box Content

The Red and white is a theme of Oneplus and can be seen in the image as well. The packaging was done perfectly and it is fun to open boxes like this.

Oneplus Buds Z - Box content

As you can see, there is an Oneplus Buds Z case, a USB 3.1 to Type-C charging cable, two different sizes of earpiece cup, and a quick starter guide.

You don’t need to use a charging cable given in the box, you can charge the case with any Type-C cable charger available in your house.

Design and Build – OnePlus Kept it Simple

Case or Capsule

The coloured I have is white, but people are more hyped and willing to spend on grey colour. However, the grey colour is not available to sell most of the time.

The case is wide and thick, carrying in jean’s pocket is an issue. Well, I don’t bring case everywhere while I was nearby home.

The case quality is all plastic and the material is of quality.

Oneplus Buds z case

The base is flat so it can rest well on a flat surface and at the bottom.

Like I mentioned in the sub heading, capsule. The elliptical design of this Oneplus buds Z case is very much similar to a capsule.

At the top there’s an Oneplus branding which is hardly visible, I think if Oneplus maintain its red-white combination here it looks fabulous.

Whatsmore? The lid. Make sure you be gentle with the lid and not use it as a Tictac box.

Open and close the lid softly as it is plastic but what I felt is that it’s the most delicate part and can be break easily if you pushed it back too harshly.

At the front, you notice an LED indicator that shows only two lights.

  • Green – that case is charged and can juice up the buds battery
  • Red – Case is running out of power
Oneplus buds z led indicator

To know how to identify when the battery life is full and unplugged the charger, keep reading till the end.

Turning back the case, there’s a button that is used to pair the device to non-oneplus devices. Alongside that, there’s a USB Type-C port for charging.

Oneplus buds z case back side

Sneak Peek Inside The Capsule

Inside, there are two buds and after removing them you notice two small magnet pins in each buds room, which basically juice up the buds when you put it after use.

The receiving magnet pin is available on the buds and the quality of the magnet is standard.

The case attracts the buds easily when you take buds close to their assigned places.

The Buds

The OnePlus Buds Z has an in-ear style design.

OnePlus Buds

The buds quality is really surprising, they fell from my hand twice or maybe thrice and it scared the shit out of me, thanks to Oneplus for providing robust quality.

As I said earlier, the company also provides three different types of ear cups so you can pick according to your fit.

The gesture controls are no big deal here, all the actions required a double-tap. The gesture controls are on both buds and in-app settings, you don’t find many options.

left and right earbuds

Out of these four options, you can only single select one from each side. The above ones are my choices.

The thing I like is if you listening to music or video, and someone disturbs you in between. You don’t have to double-tap to pause music or video.

If you just wear off one of the buds from the ear, it automatically stops the music and once you wear it again the audio starts playing, I like this feature very much.

Comforts At Its Best

OnePlus Buds Z are the most comfortable buds. This is the first time of mine with the TWS and I do not regret it in terms of comfort.

I have even shaken my head quickly to see if the buds fall from my ears or not, sadly, my specs got wear-off but Oneplus buds Z remains on the ears.

I go to the GYM frequently and I hate that wired earphone putting into my T-shirt and if I don’t do it, it moves here and there while I do exercise.

OnePlus Buds Z has solved the problem.

Furthermore, these buds have an IP55 rating which means this product is sweat and water-resistant.

Pay close attention, it’s water-resistant not waterproof. It can not be damaged by few droplets of water or sweat.


The OnePlus Buds Z comes with Bluetooth Version 5.0 and the range is 10 meters.

Easy to Connect with Oneplus devices

The setup of OnePlus Buds is simple. Follow these steps to pair the Oneplus Buds Z to your Oneplus device:

  • Open the case
  • Wear the buds
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your Oneplus device
  • Click on “Pair New Device” on your mobile phone
  • Oneplus Buds Z appear as the name as they have
  • Click on pair
  • Wait for few seconds and you’re done

Now you don’t have to repeat the process again, next time you pair just put the buds on your ear and turn on the Bluetooth on your Oneplus device, everything will happen automatically.

Here’s How You Can Connect Onelus Buds Z to Other Devices

Follow these step to learn how to connect oneplus buds z to other android smartphones:

  • Press the White button located on the backside until the front LED-light turn into white
  • Once it turned into white, means it’s ready to pair with other devices such as an Android smartphone, laptop, or computer.
  • Take the buds out of the box and wear them on the ear
  • Now take your smartphone
  • Turn on Bluetooth on it
  • You find a device named – Oneplus Buds Z
  • Pair it and wait for 5-10 seconds
  • Once it’s connected you don’t have to do the procedure again

Now once you set up you don’t have to repeat this process again.
The issue here is to change gesture controls settings, if you using these buds on the non-oneplus device then you might face issues for changing gestures, in that case, use HeyMelody App.

Sound – A Little Compromise

The OnePlus Buds Z comes with 10mm dynamic drivers.

The sound output from these buds does not meet my expectations however at the price of 3,000 rupees you can’t expect everything to be perfect, at least not yet.

Let’s check in a depth…

Bass Could Have Been Better

The bass is low. By saying low I do not mean that it completely faded.

There is a low thump on the bass, and if you loved to hear EDM(Electronic Dance Music), then the songs under the Future House genre sound absolutely amazing.

Future house songs have punchy bass but it’s not all people’s taste, and bass is not the only thing in music.

Of course, it does add a feel to the music, but it is what it is.

The Vocal is On Par

I must say, each and every word of the song you can memorize after listening to the song multiple times.

The vocal clarity in this OnePlus Buds Z is top of the line in its price range. The quality of the vocal is sharp and clear.

Listening to acoustic songs on this TWS buds are truly an amazing experience, I used to listen to my cultural songs some time and from Bollywood, the one I love is “Mile Ho Tum Hamko – Reprise Version” which is my favorite.

Calling is good

I have experienced that indoor calling is amazing, which means if you work in your office and have your private room and desk, then the calling experience is great.

However, outdoor calling is not that good. Especially in traffic. There’s one issue with this TWS earphone, which is poor noise cancellation.

Due to poor noise cancellation, I sometimes hear my mom’s voice while I was listening to music at 60% volume levels.

However, raising the volume levels to 80% and you’re not able to hear anyone’s voice. But I advise you to keep it in between 60-70% for your own good.

Power Backup

The Oneplus Buds Z comes with a 450mAh battery. There is no specific charger provided for the case inside the box.

Well, you can charge the case with any charger you like, I used my OnePlus Warp 30W charger, but no matter what type of charger use it takes 1 hour 57 minutes to be fully charged.

In my testing, I’ve watched naruto from 9:00 PM to 12:30 AM on weekends and the battery levels on each bud are as shown below:

  • On Left, the battery is 2% remaining
  • On Right, the battery is 7% remaining

If I calculate the average usage, the Oneplus Buds Z lasts about 3 to 4 hours on a single charge.

The case can charge the buds five times in a row. Which is not bad considering the price tag.

To identify when the case is fully charged? it’s easy.

Even if you plug the charger the LED indicator does not turn green, it only turns green when the case is fully charged.

So if you notice a green light in charging then unplug the charger from the case.

My Final Thoughts

I loved it, even though the bass is a bit less I do not mind it at all. Because it’s highly comfortable and I do not feel pain in my ears as well.

The quality of buds is surprisingly excellent at this price range and battery backup is also good.

Under the price hood of Rs.3,000 the Oneplus Buds Z can be your first best TWS earphones.

If you are a sound critic then please stay away from it/

This product is for those who are looking for an affordable TWS earphone with satisfactory sound quality, comfort, and budget gear to show-off.

  • Excellent vocal quality
  • In-ear design with great comfort ness
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life
  • Water and sweat-resistant
  • Easy connectivity
  • Poor noise cancellation
  • Bass is a bit poor

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