OnePlus Nord – Is This a Best Mid-Range Deal?​

OnePlus Nord - Is This a Best Mid-Range Deal?​

The greatest hype created by OnePlus to their new beginning with the Nord now available on the market yet the 6 GB 128 GB storage still about to available in September.

OnePlus pushed it social platform to blow out its new product with the target audience selection. They started with Z or lite and came up with Nord, well there is a meaning behind it.

Now, the big question is, is this OnePlus Nord a profitable deal for you? I’ve gone through deep research to find out is the hype worth it or it is just market gimmick in which they seem to be successful.

Before we dig in let’s look at the OnePlus Nord highlighted specification before we discuss stuff in detail.

Feature Specifications

Camera48MP Quad Camera | Dual Punch-hole camera
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 765G
Battery4115 mAh

Done checking? Let’s dive in with…

What is Nord?

Its explain by the co-founder of OnePlus…

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And this is why we are Nord #OnePlusNord

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In simple words, Believe in yourself to get done impossible things just like they tried to do with their Nord.

You must consider this before buying

Just like any other phone, you do check before buying. this one needs more attention, why? Well, the phone brings performance in price but there are always flaws.

OnePlus Nord Build Quality

Following the teardown of Jerryrigeverthing and post from the OnePlus Nord Instagram handle The Nord is not that tough.

Of course, the phone does feel good in the hand, after all its OnePlus but the phone has flex and yet not reliable for rough use.

I am sure you won’t try this for experient otherwise it cost you a lot.

The sides, from where you holding the phone. It is made up of entire good quality plastic but they painted as metal color to be more stylish.

Nord back also made up with plastic but thank corning gorilla glass 5 protection on both sides. Glass back gives a premium feeling in hand while using it.

The volume up and down button work perfectly on presses and the same with the power button. But the alert slider what I like on the phone.

There is no Dolby audio support and comes with a regular speaker which is loud enough to watch movies and Netflix.

At the bottom the type-C port and no other holes expect speakers. I like the type-C port instead that old-style USB 2.0

What’s with the Nord display?

The OnePlus Nord brings an AMOLED display with a screen size of 6.44-inch that has a resolution of 1080 x 2400.

I would say based n the experience of OnePlus 7T that OnePlus has the best in class display in android smartphones.

The 90Hz refresh rate makes you stick to it and after that, you never love to switch back on 60Hz.

The recent highlighted issue by users that they see a green shadow in display under the low light condition and it happens while lower down the brightness and refreshes rate is 90Hz.

Now, this is something that gets me after all its OnePlus, and paying around 30K for something is not a joke.

Regarding that, I haven’t noticed any response from the OnePlus social media and community forums yet but I guess this issue will be resolve as well.

The Stolen Cameras on OnePlus Nord

They accept they stole it from the premium line up of OnePlus 8. What they are lazy? Of course not, that’s the strategy to get attention.

The photos taken from the camera are worse and why macro lens? It is completely useless. If you read highlight specification you know the quad-camera setup.

It is okay to steal things from own devices but instead giving 4 camera give just 2 camera one wide and another ultrawide lens that captures real photos with bright and pleasing colors.

What so ever, they recently updated on Instagram that they hear about the camera and giving push updates for the software to rectify camera quality.

Well, this one is appreciable. They heard the response and that camera thing can be fixed with the software, hope for the good.

Let’s see if camera quality enhances in the future, even microlens can be usable, maybe…

What’s the real catch in Performance

Alright, 5G – 5G – and – 5G. This what you sell in reality. See I am not offended with anything this is reality.

I have one example to prove what is wrong with the Nord processor. Before that let’s talk about 5G.

Jio builds its network very fastly, Ambani sir is faster than a flash in 2020. But it does take time as 5G response on 5-6 GHz of frequency and for that permission needed for spectrum is still under consideration as it might hurt birds, you know 2.0, right?

What’s the flaw in performance? These days gaming industry is booming and the respected billionaire Ambani sir said itself that “Gaming is the next big thing in India”.

If you are not into gaming you can leave this part.

The snapdragon 765G is made up of 7 nm architecture which means its power-efficient and better than Exynos 9610.

An example is here, The same processor comes with the Vivo X50 Pro and it handles the extreme frame rate in PUBG Mobile while the Nord only goes up to ultra.

Taking PUBG Mobile because this is the game in the market that has been trending over 2 years and it is a battle royale game that demands good fps.

However, if OnePlus bring extreme options in the Nord I’ll update the section.

765G is not a flagship-level processor but its architecture gives that level of performance but at 2.4 GHz.

Overall performance is exceptional but not good for gaming yet. I don’t say it is bad but as a core gamer, I do not recommend this device yet until they bring what is a need.

Verdict to the New Beginnings of OnePlus

I know many of you direct scroll to this. Well, that’s fine the short answer is waiting till September if you reading this article.

Till then-current OnePlus Nord might get few updates and they resolve the issue with Nord.

Is it worth purchasing OnePlus Nord?

Absolutely yes. There are flaws but the brand knows well how to deal with software. And Oxygen OS is love when it comes to the UI.

The final words are device is good but the hype they created for the device is too much yet the best marketing ever done by any smartphone company. The device is capable of giving almost a premium level experience just be patient and you see the results with goods.

The 25,000 rupees OnePlus model will be a real mid-range deal.

Thank you for reading this article.

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