Oneplus TV Launch in India

Oneplus TV: New Generation and Intelligence

From the last 6 years when oneplus starting grows with its Oneplus 3 device and becoming a premium smartphone company. Oneplus journey always creates quality over quantity that is the reason why oneplus is so good in the market compared to other brands of mobile phones. Oneplus creates its TV which the official says they took almost one year to build this product with smartness.

Oneplus is now leading company in the market after launching its Oneplus 6T, Oneplus 7, Oneplus 7 Pro. Oneplus launching its TV in India first. Oneplus said that they achieved great support from India and passionate customers to their products. Also, Oneplus want to share this new opportunities hand to hand with their customers.


Oneplus TV set to launch in September 2019 in India. Oneplus TV launch in 4 Variants which is 43, 55, 65, 75. Where Price is rumored around 45000 to 5000 INR. Since its rumored price may vary and it will be updated here. Oneplus launching the display variants of Full HD and Quad HD. Full HD only available in 43, 55. Which is 65 and 75.

Oneplus TV:

OnePlus TV

Oneplus always focus on its quality. The big variant of oneplus tv not available in India on start level but it will come soon after month or days of releasing date. Oneplus also planning to launch in North America, Europe, China. The project was not easy for oneplus Afterall they are smartphone company so it is hard to see the product from scratch.

Oneplus TV comes with great image quality and sound quality. Also, the key focus on intelligence by oneplus was never neglected. Oneplus TV has remarkable design and smart interconnectivity which makes it’s more reliable and even more exciting.

Oneplus has it is remarkable thigs in the market for quality purposes. Oneplus TV may come with the extra premium features that people should won’t be expected.

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