Top 7 The Best Music Player App On Android

looking for the best music player?. When you purchase an android smartphone, The most common inconvenient thing is the music player of the default system. Most users are stock Android users and when it comes to music experience you probably looking for some third party music player. Here is Top 7 the best music player application available in android are mentioned.

Music players listed here are the best of my experience and I will also suggest the best music player if you are a pure stock android user. Before jump into it. Please read, this post not for Samsung users. Since Samsung has its music player app which is excellent amongst all of this. So do not waste your time if you are a Samsung user.

So, My stock android audience looks at the list of top 7 the best music player available in android.

Top 7 The Best Music Player in 2019

  1. BlackPlayer Free
  2. Musixmatch Lyrics
  3. N7player
  4. Eon
  5. Omnia
  6. Audify
  7. Pulsar

1. Black player Free – The Best Music Player

blackplayer music player

Best music available in the play store for stock android. This is the god application for music. I personally strongly recommend this before we move to musixmatch. The app allows you to many customizations in settings but they are tricky for understanding. If you spend some time and try to set up the whole thing it will be amazing.

Easy to use interface. Even the paid version is worth it. It cost only around 60 rs for you. Locke screen setting amazing compared to all other apps. Download here

Features Of Black Player

  • Support standard audio files
  • Lock screen customization
  • 5 band equalizer
  • View & embedded lyrics
  • Crossfading
  • Sleep timer 

2. Musixmatch Lyrics


One of the best you go for. This app provides an easy experience to its users. Even the lock screen art was love. With this app your song auto-sync with lyrics itself if you have enabled internet connection. App has the feature “Identify” where you just want to put your phone near the audio device where the song plays. And it will show you. To use the app, you have to log in via facebook or google. Allow the permission app to ask for it.

This app contains ads. If you have 30 rs to spend monthly you can purchase it when it is available in 50% on premium. Download Here

Features Of Musixmach Lyrics

  • Auto-generated lyrics
  • Identify the song by listening to it.
  • On lock screen album art and lyrics.
  • Play youtube videos music with integrated music

3. N7player

n7 player

An amazing creation by its developer. Creative equalizer design. Once it’s installed it will make a collage of your all song in-app. You can zoom in to find which song you want to play. Also, customize the lock screen from the setting. But, this contains ads so if you want to spend money of 250 Rs there will be 4 functionality unlocked with it.

Download Here

Features of N7player

  • High-Quality Audio
  • 10-band equalizer
  • Control what you play
  • Customize lock screen album art

4. Eon

eon music playerA perfect size music player. Features are good also UI is friendly. Theme option where you can select which one you want. But only 3, other themes available in the pro version. The sound quality is amazing. Download Here


Features Of Eon

  • Good Equalizers
  • Folder filters
  • Unified Search
  • Customize home screen
  • Quick navigation

5. Omnia

A lite mp3 player for optimized usage. A basic mp3 player in just 4 MB of space. An offline audio player without advertisements. Performs almost all audio formats. Customize options for User experience. Inbuilt 10 band equalizer. Download Here

Features Of Omnia

  • No ads.
  • High Audio Output.
  • 10-band equalizer.
  • Chromecast Support
  • Sleep Timer

6. Audify Music Player

A colorful theme experience inside of the app. This music player offers you a great equalizer option with each song. Also, you can use its feature Ringtone cutter. Where you can make ringtones from your best songs. For a better experience in the menu section, Option called “ theme” provides you to change the theme of the app. This app contains ads. Also limited setting features for customization. It does not have any option where you can change how album art looks on the lock screen. Album art show by default in backscreen with full width which I don’t like. Download Here

Features of Audify

  • Full widget support with a list of song
  • Ringtone Cutter. Make your Favorite ringtone.
  • Elegant Theme option for a better view.
  • Excellent 5 bands Equalizer.

7. Pulsar Music Player

pulsar music player

This app is for whom who loves to sing along with the song. It has lyrics feature that. But most important the song you downloaded must have internal lyrics. To check whether your song has lyrics or not when you open song in Pulsar it will show icon of PC with 2 hard horizontal lines where you can see if lyrics are available or not.

Pulsar Music Demands pro version for Equalizer where you have to pay money. App has a good theme for easy to use. The disadvantage is no good album art on the lock screen view. Download Here

Features of Pulsar

  • Easy user interface.
  • Play speed Adjustment.
  • Display lyrics if available in song
  • Sound balance in setting for left and right
  • Music Visualizer

If you have stock android and also a good amount of net please go for a musixmatch player. Or if the situation is reverse not respect to android only go for the BlackPlayer. Make changes to its setting will increase user experience even better. 

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