Tripod a tri-pie stand, to shoot better videos and capture professional photos in the studio or outside the studio.

Tri-Pod stand

As a beginner photographer or videographer having such bulky tools that are very costly is not a good investment, start small.

This is the best tripod you can buy under 1000 rupees and this tripod is very popular these days.

Short video platform called TikTok rising so fast, people love to share their creativity and funny clips with others to get famous.

The tripod application is very simple. It helps you to hold your camera, mobile phone, DSLR, or ring light. Now based on its application you may find different tripods in variety.

Like for the ring light, the tripod has a different price. But you can still use the camera and mobile phone on a normal tripod.

The above tripod is used for holding a mobile phone camera and DSLR.

The Best Tripod For Mobile And Its Accessories

Scroll up and buy that tripod. Because it is a perfect tripod for mobile according to my experience.

The size of the tripod can be increased up to 50 inches which is almost 4.2 ft(127 cm). I guess this height is fair enough because my hight is almost 5’8″ which is almost 175 cm.

I didn’t notice any fluctuation while recording video or capturing a photo for my resume.

I also used to make tiktok but leave it so soon. The actual purpose was to shoot youtube videos and making short films, both turn out as failure because it requires a lot of effort.

I still use this tripod sometimes to make cinematic clips that have energy, hype, and motivation, etc. Honestly, I do it once in a while when nothing to do.

But we have the best feature for it where you can actually put your creativity into productive mode.

Before you get into feature part I want to mention that below accessorize is required to mount the phone on a tripod.

This is a new one because the one I use has a terrible quality for stretching. This one is good and reviews on amazon are also positive.

If you want to start youtube, you just need 1000 rupees to start by your phone if you are willing to continue upload on youtube.

Incase of TikTok this stand can be your best friend, just ensure you have enough lights to shoot your self.

tripod specs


  • A control handle to move around, and you can even up and down the camera position via that handle
  • A plastic regulator to set up base. You can easily turn from landscape to portrait view
  • Ball to balance, Besides the base, there is a water ball that makes sure the base is centered
  • You can adjust the head pipe up to 22 cm
  • The whole stand is adjustable you can even lock the legs according to your requirements
  • Easy to carry

You can do lots of stuff with it. creating videos and taking photos from different angles.

The Best Tripod For Camera Or DSLR

Do you mind scrolling at the top, because it is the same tool we just used for mobile phone. I’ll save one feature that I didn’t mention above because it is for DSLR.

If you have this tripod or by the image you can see there is a little curve handle type attached with the base.

base of the tripod

Now technically base is portable. So you can dismount it.

if you have DSLR then look at the bottom side of the DSLR and you see one hole where the screw can fit. For easy information please refer to this below video and skip it to 1:05 minute to get a solution.

How to mount DSLR on a tripod

The Best Tripod For TikTok Videos

Tiktok is the fastest growing platform if you have the creativity to show this platform provides a wide range of audiences in a short time.

You now the product already. By converting to portrait you can shoot videos for tiktok as well. What you missing is light.

There is a product with a ring light which little bit expensive but if you want to have it for just tiktok then here is the product.

It is quite expensive for middle-class people but it can be worth it if you are willing to do it on a daily basis and growing your audience.


I personally recommend the top tripod which you saw at the beginning of the article. If you have to pay 2000 rupees then you can also go for it.

The accessories for a phone I mention are mandatory to hold the phone and these tools are easily portable to move around from one location to another.

The quality of the tripod leg is awesome. Use the function to show your creativity, keep smiling, keep hustling.

Have a suggestion or want to say something comment box is open for all.

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