Whatsapp Web – How to Use It?

We use many social chatting services like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, hike, telegram, etc. and many of you doing jobs stuff for your daily life and for your family. In busy work, there is harder to do multiple things at once and its such stressy work and also headache sucks during this time. so if you doing online work or other staff like making sheets, presentations and other work on laptops or personal computers. In such cases, if you do work in a group with keeping distance there is a chance that someone sent a presentation or an excel sheet on WhatsApp. I know that he/she could even mail you but what if they send you on WhatsApp and getting offline. the most irritating work is to transfer the data/media file from phone to laptop.

So any situation can happen but WhatsApp provides you service that you can choose. the service called WhatsApp web.

How to use Whatsapp web?

This is very simple to use WhatsApp web where you can control your WhatsApp account form a computer and laptop. follow the below steps and use WhatsApp on your desktop or laptop.

  • Open your WhatsApp (Do not open any person tab that you want to chat) Simply open WhatsApp.
  • On the top-right corner, there were 3 verticle dots. Click on it.
  • The 5 to 6 drop things options were found on the number 3 you can see WhatsApp web. Click on that.
  • Now you got to your desktop browsers like Google, Yahoo, Or Mozilla anything that you usually preferred for browsing in computer.
  • Open link web.whatsapp.com

whatsapp web

  • The big QR code appears on the desktop screen.
  • Now comes to your phone simply when you press on “WhatsApp Web” the one scanner opened.
  • Scan the code displays on the browser from your phone and you are ready to go.

Now please consider this follow while you using the WhatsApp web on your computer. Don’t worry there is nothing to worry about your personal identity.

  • You have to keep a connection on your mobile phone while using WhatsApp web because it’s synchronizing with each other.
  • The media you downloaded are saved on your computer.
  • You can chat and reply to any conversation from your contacts using the WhatsApp web.

So this is the simple way you can customize your work if you have shared documents on WhatsApp and have to use it in your desktop pc or laptop. It saves your time and gives you faster output well it basically depends upon your work how you do it and how much work you have to complete.

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